simple drawing ideas

Simple drawing ideas – 20 things to draw


Hello guys and welcome back, In this lesson, I will share with you 20 simple drawing ideas for beginners.

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Easy drawing ideas


simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas

20 Drawing ideas for beginners

Drawing is one of the most beautiful hobbies that some have.

It is a talent that begins at an early age, and with learning and training it becomes better,

simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas

Drawing is considered one of the fine arts in which the individual can express himself and what he feels,

and he can communicate his ideas in a contemporary and refined style.

With these 20 simple drawing ideas, you can learn to draw anything step by step.

simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas

Tips to be a professional painter

  • Read and review drawing books of the most famous artists.

and illustrators to know the origins of drawing and the basics that a painter needs.

  • Go to the intensive courses to learn the latest techniques that will help you develop your own way of drawing in a short time and with the help of specialized experts.
simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas
  • Mimicking other people’s drawings can help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Always carry your sketchbook with you everywhere to improve your drawing performance
  • And you should practice daily and draw everything no matter how simple.
  • Learn the basics of colors and how to combine them,
  • and practice that in their free time, while choosing the appropriate type of pens.
simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas
Drawing hobby

Hobby of drawing is a wonderful hobby that I use to express what I feel in all my situations.

When I am very happy, I feel unable to speak, so I find myself going to grab my brush and dipping it in colors,

And start drawing what I want, and in the end, I see a painting that is one of the most beautiful things that express me and calms my nerves.

these simple drawing ideas will help you get better at drawing.

simple drawing ideas
simple drawing ideas
Painter’s eyes

The painter has two eyes, they are good at reaching the smallest details and reflecting what he sees in wonderful paintings,

Drawing does not require more than a beautiful soul and feeling more than just a drawn hand,

so we find that the painter cares about the essence of things, not their appearance.

Just The art of drawing increases a person’s self-confidence and makes him more experienced because he is exposed to many experiences.

simple drawing ideas

The painter has recipes associated with this art

The painter possesses qualities associated with this beautiful art We note that whoever has the hobby of drawing is full of feelings and feelings and sensitive to feelings, as he has a great speed in seeing things and turning them into drawings.

simple drawing ideas

Develop a hobby of drawing step by step

If you have had a hobby of drawing since childhood, then you should work on developing it over time,

as you may become a professional and famous painter, like many painters, and one of the most enjoyable drawings is these simple drawing ideas,

This is not difficult, but it depends on practice and belief in talent.

Creativity appears in a certain talent in people from childhood, where the passion for certain things begins,

and with the passage of time the talent increases, the talent must develop in the child from the beginning so that he does not lose the passion for it and can excel.

Creativity is the most important factor in developing the hobby of drawing in children.

simple drawing ideas
Drawing hobby step by step for kids

A hobby is everything that occupies the mind and has the desire to do in free time,

It works to empty energies and feel better feelings, and every person has a specific hobby that he likes to spend his time performing,

Some people like drawing, others read, and some like practicing sports of all kinds,

Everyone is different in their hobbies and preferences for the fun things that they spend their time in,

Through the following article from the Knowledge Project, we will present to you 20 simple drawing ideas, so follow us.

simple drawing ideas
Landscape drawing step by step from ancient times

The abundance of human experiences is what made him discover manuscripts and huts in order to record his history and record his progress and history with them, After that, in order to be able to eat this animal, this was the belief of our ancient ancestors, for this reason, we have to say that drawing was the language of nations in the past, and this is our drawing today to draw alandscapes, one of the most beautiful and wonderful lessons for kids.

Learn to draw step by step from ancient art

There is a big difference between the drawing of the Pharaohs of Egypt on manuscripts, on leather, on bones, and other means that he used to engrave on them, and between contemporary drawing, in which all the tools that the artist desires are available, such as our drawing for today, which is draw a landscape for kids The contemporary artist tries Learn the wonderful ancient art, which was the source of wealth for his country, as no one can do any building except through planning and drawing, all professions need planning before doing them, such as the carpenter, the tailor, the builder, the teacher, all of these and others need planning for any something before they draw it.

simple drawing ideas
The importance of drawing:

The art of drawing has a very high and great importance, including :


The art of drawing is an important expressive tool, and it can be used to express the ideas and thoughts that circulate in the human mind, which makes it have a great impact on everyone who sees it and interacts with it visually.


The art of drawing may sometimes be a very important expression of some of those events that occurred in the time period in which the painter lived. By drawing, it is possible to show cases of victory, bloodshed, persistence, failure, abandonment, and other human historical cases.


The art of painting is that art concerned with the embodiment of beauty, as the art of drawing is considered one of the best of those arts that can express beauty, in an attractive and beautiful way.

simple drawing ideas


The art of drawing increases creativity, activates the human brain, and helps a person to have a beautiful mind.


The art of drawing is a cultural incubator for the identity of society, which made it a very important art for all peoples and nations.


The art of drawing is considered one of the important means for society to depict what is happening in it, whether positive or negative, in general.

How do you develop your kid’s skills?

The child distinguished from his peers is the dream child for all parents. He is the son who possesses many behavioral, emotional, social, and academic skills, which eventually gather to form life skills, on which the child and the young man live, chart his life path, and have relationships between him and others, and this will not happen day after day. And a night, but it begins with parents searching for ways that develop their child’s abilities, and help him learn different skills; What makes him a special person in the future? And to answer a question.

  • Developing a kid’s life skills can make the child more capable of verbal communication and self-expression, and provide him with the ability to face his problems and deal with them, without being a dependent person.
  • grasping comprehensive life skills; It makes the child more receptive to the idea of ​​learning and acquiring knowledge around him, which makes him able to succeed academically and socially.
  • Developing skills helps him to be able to identify his interests and tendencies at an early age. Which can know the areas in which he can succeed in the future.
  • The child does not only need to be taken care of by meeting his needs of food, drink, housing and medicine, but he must be brought up and taught everything that will benefit him now and in the future, including developing his talents, especially if he has the talent for drawing.
simple drawing ideas

Drawing  for kids is fun

This gift is considered one of the enjoyable arts and a widespread hobby among people of all ages, young and old Most people,

in their spare time and busyness, scribble on paper while studying,

for example, or even while they are busy thinking deeply about their life matters.

Drawing can be a tool to express a lot of what is going on in their lives,

Yourself from thoughts and feelings and a means to empty negative energy,

but if your drawing is dominated by straight lines and sharp angles,

this indicates that you have the mentality of the analyst, logical thinking and rationality, and in any case,

practicing drawing daily would bring you amazing health benefits that you may not have known,

Before, I will show you 3 benefits that I hope will benefit you, my friends.

  • Developing the creative side of the brain, Because drawing is one of the talents that depends mainly on imagination and mental images, and converting them into paintings and drawings, would help the development of the right side of the brain, improve its performance and carry out its functions.
  • The ability to imagine exists in all of us as human beings, but not everyone is good at using imagination and expressing the ideas resulting from it.
  • Drawing is a continuous practice of hobbies that helps you to embody your fantasies.
  • Memory improvement, The chances of developing Alzheimer’s and memory loss increase with age, but for those who used to practice drawing, it was noticed that the incidence of these mental diseases decreases, because drawing is one of the skills that depend on retrospective memory, and as I mentioned earlier it also depends on imagination and thinking, thus improving brain performance. memory compared to their peers in the elderly in general.


simple drawing ideas
My favorite hobby is drawing!

One of the most common hobbies among different age groups is the graphic novel, as it is a talent that enables its owner to express what is in his mind through a drawing in a painting in which he says everything that he cannot say verbally or express it in action.

Since time immemorial, the importance of the hobby of drawing was evident in the renaissance of societies and the dissemination of culture between them through drawings and inscriptions that indicated what was going on in the mind of the first man.

The hobby of drawing is one of the most indicative of the owner’s enjoyment of a refined sense and a delicate feeling, as he is able to capture the most beautiful and minute details with the utmost speed in order to see them in a different way and produce them in the form of a creative painting that reflects his feeling and creativity like our painting today draw a clouds step by step, and in this case, the painter is not satisfied with his hand And only his pen.

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The 20 simple drawing ideas lesson is finished

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