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How to draw a leaf step by step

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a leaf step by step, In today’s article, we will talk about lead drawing for kids,

taking into account the importance of this drawing and its many benefits for developing beginners’ drawing skills as well.

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How to draw a leaf for beginners

Knowing the types of leaf helps to know where they grow in forests or in parks, as it is possible to identify them by their shape, edges, or size, During these lines, we will learn about the steps of drawing with each other,Let’s go.

  • Step 1

    How to draw a leaf
    How to draw a leaf

In order to draw an easy leaf, we draw in this first step 5 lines, gathered in one point and separated from the vertices.

  • Step 2

    How to draw a leaf
    How to draw a leaf

Fill in the space between the three upper lines, and draw wavy lines.

  • Step 3

    How to draw a leaf
    How to draw a leaf

In this third step of the easy leaf drawing tutorial, we continue drawing wavy lines within the spaces between the lines we drew before.

  • Step 4

    How to draw a leaf
    How to draw a leaf

We draw the rest of the leaf, on the lower side of the drawing, As you can see in the picture.

  • Step 5

    How to draw a leaf
    How to draw a leaf

After we have drawn an easy leaf step by step, we color it in one color as it is in real life.

Drawing is a means of expression

Drawing is a means of expressing the emotions and emotions facing a person, that is, it is considered a personal expression of a mental experience, so the painter is the same who can express the mental expression In artistic expression, a person began his life as a foreigner who does not know how to address and speak, except for the groans of pain and the cries of terror and the smiles of joy that he utters from where he does not know their meaning, but they express the feelings of his soul Similar to the surrounding mountains, seas, trees and animals.

how to draw a leaf step by step ?

One of the most common hobbies is the hobby of drawing, that talent that enables us to see what is going on in the artist’s mind in the form of a painting that reflects something that he cannot express otherwise. Today we talk about , how to draw a leaf step by step ? .

The person who has the hobby of drawing and carries the finest and most delicate feelings He has sharp eyes that capture the smallest details of beauty with sharpness and lightning speed, to present them in his creative work, burdened with his feeling. Drawing does not need a hand, but requires a soul and a pen through which he pours the tentacles of his soul and writes his feelings and feelings With the repeated experiences of man and their abundance throughout history, man was able to discover manuscripts and huts on which his history was recorded It is worth noting that there is a huge difference between the drawings that the Egyptian pharaohs brought and contemporary drawing.

How to develop the talent of drawing in children?

When the hobby of drawing appears in children, parents begin to ask about how to develop it, as one of the most important drawings that we show you today is how to draw a leaf step by step ? We explain this to you in the following points:

  • In order for the child not to lose passion in the hobby of drawing, we have to train him constantly, and we can make him join one of the art and drawing schools.
  • Encouragement is one of the most important things that help develop a child’s hobby, and it also increases self-confidence.
  • In order to increase his desire and love for drawing, we must make sure to bring primitive tools, such as notebooks, pencils and colors.


Tips to master the hobby of drawing step by step

Some of us do not receive encouragement and support for the hobby of drawing that he seeks to master, We offer you some tips that help you master this hobby as follows:

  • Be sure to follow the painters and artists, in order to learn through them the origins and basics of drawing.
  • It is also possible to join training courses, to teach the person the latest drawing techniques, and to develop his hobby.
  • You can also imitate other drawings around you, and this makes you learn about your weak points in drawing.
  • Work to practice drawing continuously and daily, and draw constantly, even if the drawings are simple.
  • Drawing needs certain foundations and rules to master it, such as colors and their combination, and choosing types of paper and pens.
Drawing tools and their types for beginners

Drawing follows many basic tools, and we mention them to you as follows:

  • One of the primitive tools for drawing is the pencil, then they moved on to drawing with charcoal pencil.
  • There are also colors: (oily, waxy, waxy, chalk, wooden and watercolors.
  • As well as papers that are divided into several types, including plain paper, cardboard and cloth.
  • Each type of these tools has a specific path, and it depends on the professionalism of the person who draws.
  • As for the types of drawing, there is drawing on sand, drawing on glass and many others as well

The hobby of drawing is a long conversation with oneself, in which the interlocutor is embodied as if he were a pen or a feather, We hope in today’s lesson that you liked his drawing today, which is: how to draw a leaf step by step ? .

But this conversation is not complete without the presence of the board or the paper that listens to the repressed feelings that the soul empties.

The results of this talk embrace the soul, and touch the hearts of everyone who sees it, to express the special state of the painter, and the war that was raging inside him before he painted, Drawing enhances awareness and contemplation of life, and is considered food for the soul of man.

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