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How to draw an eye easy – things to draw

How to draw an eye step by step

Today we will present to you one of the most important drawings that it is important for you to learn, dear reader, which is how to draw an eye? We can give you a simple overview of the eye, its importance and its vital role.

Useful information before drawing step by step

The sense of sight is one of the most important of the five senses in humans, as the brain devotes its largest parts to vision and not to smell, taste, hearing, touch, or even all of them together, To think about it originally, and the vision process consists of two parts, where the eyes focus and take an image, then the brain interprets it to understand what we see, just as the eye has countless great importance to humans, and we mention among its importance the following .

Many of the movements we perform, the tasks we perform, and our personal interactions with the external environment depend in some way on vision, as vision is responsible for most of the information we receive from the five senses combined

Step 1 : How to draw an eye

How to draw an eye
How to draw an eye

In the first step of drawing an easy eye, we draw the location of the eye with two lines that diverge from the middle and meet on both sides.

Step 2 : How to draw an eye

How to draw an eye
How to draw an eye

We draw inside that shape, an incomplete circle from the top, and inside it we draw another semi-circle, and next to it are small details.

Step 3 : How to draw an eye

How to draw an eye
How to draw an eye

After we set the base of the eye in which we will draw the rest of the drawing, we now color the top of the first circle with black, and the sides of the bottom. We also color the circle inside it black as well.

Step 4 : How to draw an eye

How to draw an eye
How to draw an eye

In this fourth step of drawing the eye, we draw the upper and lower eyelashes in a smooth and easy way, and we also add the eyebrow above the eye.

Step 5 : How to draw an eye

How to draw an eye
How to draw an eye

We draw an eyebrow above the eye.

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What are the basic drawing tools for drawing step by step?

After getting acquainted with the primary tools, you can teach drawing completely, but the basic tools can make obtaining the most beautiful paintings an easier task, but you cannot use them without proficiency in dealing with the previous tools.

  • Charcoal pencil

It is the easiest type of charcoal pencil in terms of the way it is used and dealt with It is very similar to a regular pencil, and the sharpener is relied upon to give it the appropriate shape and on the eraser to remove its traces. There are many colors that you can rely on the middle degree, The painting has a different spirit and luster, in addition to the possibility of rubbing it and scratching it with a handkerchief or a spatula to get different shades and a wonderful feeling for the painting .

  • powdered coal

It is either sold in the form of a powder or in the form of a piece of charcoal that is cooled or sprayed, and this powder is mainly used for shading, and it facilitates the task of obtaining many shades of color without the borders and strong lines left by a regular charcoal pencil.

And in the event that it is not available, you can use what results from the cold of a regular charcoal pencil, or you can rely on black eye shadow powder, as it gives the same result.

Drawing teaching tools step by step

  • Primary tools

The primary tools are the tools that you need in teaching drawing. You may think that they are simple or few, but they are able to achieve the desired goal and finish all the paintings completely. These tools are:

  • leaves

The papers are not only Canson or Fabriano papers (which are the easiest in terms of learning and dealing with them), but you can draw on any paper you find small, large, strong, thin, empty, or even filled with writing, but what you have to make sure of is the following:

  • Choose paper so that you are comfortable dealing with it

It should be easy to draw on and control lines and colors.

  • Lines appear easily and quickly without much pressure.

Practice drawing step by step

The most important step was learning the basic shapes, but it is useless in terms of teaching drawing if it is not trained in the correct way, and the following four steps are sufficient to make you practice drawing with the best results in the least time.

  • Learn to draw gradually

Let’s imagine that you set aside 4-5 hours or more a day to practice drawing. The first day may pass the second, but soon you will feel bored, as if you are forced to hold a pen and repeat meaningless lines, and so you will hate teaching drawing and will not continue.

But the correct method is a few minutes a day, and the time you spend on training increases gradually, i.e. 10 – 15 – 30 – 60 minutes. Thus, you will not exert all your energy in one day, but rather you will be excited and fully prepared for the next lesson.

  • Understanding fonts not memorizing them

There are many drawing books and you will find in such books a set of shapes, objects, and living beings with steps to draw them based on the basic lines that you learned to draw, such steps and explanations are useful, but on one condition that you understand it.

Understand shapes and panels for drawing step by step

So far, what you have trained on has been mostly basic lines, drawing steps, and general shapes, so you have to develop your abilities through the following steps  :

Watch a lot of paintings for drawing step by step ,There are many sites that specialize in paintings and many accounts on social networking sites that display drawings and many art magazines.

  • Understand fonts, dimensions, and colors.
  • The more elaborate paintings you see, the more motivated you feel to master the drawing .
  • Whenever you see beautiful drawings, you will feel an overwhelming desire to hold the pen and draw like it, and you will put a lot of effort into developing yourself without feeling any inconvenience or fatigue.
  • You may get the opportunity to display your painting in one of the art magazines, if you subscribe to one of the sites and publish pictures of the paintings that you draw, and thus you will get followers and your path to fame in the field of painting will begin.

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