how to draw a truck

How to draw a truck step by step

How to draw a truck for beginners

Dear painter, drawing is the embodiment of imaginary meanings and putting them on the ground.
I can tell you that the painter is one of the creative members of society, and society must adopt them, and provide them with all the means through which they rise.
Drawing requires deep thinking, intense focus, and superior ingenuity. So that the painter can draw his idea elaborately.
Did you know that drawing is one of the most important processes through which a painter can breathe from the fragrance of his talent?

how to draw a truck
how to draw a truck

How to draw a truck step by step

Get ready, because we will now start a mini-journey, during which we will learn how to draw a truck for beginners, Let’s go..
How to draw a truck step by step

• Step 1:

how to draw a truck

We start drawing the truck by drawing a wide rectangle in the shape of a large canvas.

Step 2:

how to draw a truck

We add three conjoined lines from both sides below the first straight line.

Step 3:

how to draw a truck

draw the wheel approximately in the middle of the bottom line as you can see in the picture.

Step 4:

how to draw a truck
After we drew some important details at the back of the truck, we now move to the front and draw the driver’s seat, leaving the wheel space blank to draw in the next step.

Step 5:

how to draw a truck
In this step of how to draw a truck lesson, we draw only the remaining wheel and color it from the outside with black color as we colored the other wheel.

Step 6:

how to draw a truck

We add some details to the body of the truck, draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the rectangle that we drew in the first step, and also draw some continuous and non-rectangular lines in the front of the truck.
It seems that the drawing of the truck is becoming clearer little by little, so we will put the final touches and draw the place for the glass in the foreground.

Step 7:

how to draw a truck

Finally, we have finished drawing an easy and beautiful truck step by step for beginners, there is nothing left now until we color the truck with the appropriate wooden colors, You can choose the colors you want and the way that will make the truck look beautiful.

So this is how to draw a truck step by step for beginners.

For more drawing videos, you can visit my youtube channel: Easy Drawings.

What do you know about the painter?

There are many thoughts about the painter, and about the status of his talent among artists.
• We must not hide his role in drawing imaginary images, and perhaps the most prominent of these thoughts.
• The painter is the person who can embody a live image from imaginary images, or from an inanimate image.
• The painter is the one who tries in his painting to highlight the impossible in the image of the possible, or to transform the unimaginable into the image of the imagined.
• Drawing is an art that can only be mastered by those whose imagination is elevated, who broadens their horizons, and those who have a keen eye and a penetrating heart.
• Drawing is a talent burdened by work, and those who love it are creative.

Secret principles to make you a great artist

The most important principles of correct drawing are to start drawing the outer structure of the shape to be drawn and pay attention to the distances between the shapes.
If the drawing contains more than one shape, the closer the shape is, the larger its size and darker the color, and vice versa, paying attention also to the shadow and light factors, and also to how to mix the colors correctly.

• first:

The material to be painted, whether a picture or a physical object, must be chosen and fixed in a position suitable for vision to be transferred onto the board.

• secondly:

Use a soft pencil “F, 2H” for example to outline the main lines of the painting.

• Third:

Use your eye to determine the places of light and shadow of what you want to draw, and define each area and its degrees, and it is not necessary to use a pen to a certain degree.

• Fourthly:

The areas of bright light are left completely white, and if you forget to leave them without shading, use the charcoal stick and shape it appropriately, and erase the shadow from this point of light.

• Fifth:

The last moments in the painting are very important, so give them enough time and make sure that you will get a more impressive result the more time you give to finish your painting Look at every part of the board and reduce errors as much as possible.
Computer aided drawing
To trace the development of the visual arts, computer aided drawing is an invention It was necessary for the artist to become an innovator and adopter of every new thing that could be used in his work.
Knowledge of metallurgy, geometry, and chemistry were important tools in sculpture, architecture, drawing, and photography.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the computer has an impact on art, especially the art of painting.

Vincent Van Gogh says: I dream about painting, and then I paint my dream.

Drawing is a process of simulating what the painter feels inside of the meanings, or what the eye sees, and wants to express it in another way.
Only those who are talented in the first place undertake the drawing process, and burden that talent with serious study.

You have to know what society said about you, artist :

• The talent for drawing does not bear fruit unless it is associated with hard work, a lot of training, and perseverance in learning everything new.
• The painter is a different person from others, as his talent made him unique in his behavior, in all his actions, and in his words about others.
• Creative people are the elite of society; Because they take from their creativity what makes their society at the highest level.
• The painter is the only person who may make his talent an embodiment of what looms in his imagination.

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