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How to draw a star easy – things to draw

How to draw a star for kids?

There are many reasons why most people love the hobby of drawing, there are many studies that confirm these reasons and many opinions are different, but why do I love the hobby of drawing? The hobby of drawing in the English language is known as the drawing hobby. I gathered these reasons for loving the hobby of drawing, and these reasons include:

Drawing step by step develops the mind

Most artists agreed that drawing relaxes the mind and greatly reduces thinking, and the feeling of satisfaction after finishing a painting has a great effect on the mind, people love drawing because it brings out great energy and many and varied ideas, many people describe drawing as peace and happiness and a way to release Emotions, and they feel that drawing gives them freedom.

Anyone can experience it through drawing, in psychology, there is an entire profession that talks about art therapy and studies have shown it to be very beneficial in developing emotional resilience and boosting self-esteem.

In this lesson, we will learn how to draw a star step by step for beginners.

Step 1: How to draw a star

how to draw a star
how to draw a star

In order to draw a beautiful star, we draw two intersecting lines in the shape of the letter X, but they intersect at the top of them, not the middle.


Step 2: How to draw a star

how to draw a star
how to draw a star

In the same way, we draw 3 lines that intersect at one point. It is in the center of the star, Each line has one end long and the other short, as you can see in the picture.


Step 3: How to draw a star

how to draw a star
how to draw a star

After we draw the first touches of the star, or connect all the vertices of the lines from the outside from the point in the middle. We add other lines that complete the rest of the star’s drawing.

Step 4: How to draw a star

how to draw a star
how to draw a star

The drawing of the star has become clear, We now have a five-pointed star, and each view is divided into two identical parts. We color one of the parts of each head so that the star appears beautifully.

Step 5: How to draw a star

how to draw a star
how to draw a star

In this last step, we color in the rest of the star.

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The benefits of drawing step by step

One of the important reasons is that it helps a lot in thinking to develop solutions to problems, When drawing, starting drawing, most of the solutions to problems begin to exist, and many artists have confirmed this. This gives a feeling of taking all your ideas and preventing them from focusing on them one by one, and this happens unconsciously.

  • Drawing step by step enhances focus

People love to draw because it teaches them to renew thoughts and focus and teach them how to tackle any problem around them, not only when you draw but the more you draw you will see things better in real life, our brains and eyes are not designed for drawing but to quickly understand and focus on our surroundings, we don’t have to see All the details to understand what is in front of us but we have to pay attention to those details when drawing.

  • Activates the reward system of the brain

Dopamine is one of the main causes of a person’s actions towards anything, drawing activates this system so the more you draw, the more you want to draw and think more clearly, a confirmed study from Drexel University, when you start drawing every time you draw a line you will see progress on Immediately this progress will motivate you to be more active.


  • It allows you to bring ideas to life

People love to draw because it allows you to take your mind into the physical world and realize the imagination, but this has many levels so there are so many different types of artists, and it’s just amazing what can be created with pencil and paper From realist and abstract artists to architects and engineers, they agree They all agree that drawing allows them to change the world with a single stroke of a pen. Architects will draw magnificent infrastructure and buildings, and some realism artists will create the perfect script for a movie or paint a permanent picture.

Features of drawing step by step

Drawing is an expression of what is going on in the heads and minds of painters and a means of conveying their ideas on the ground. It has many benefits, including:

  • Expressing needs, motives or desires that the illustrator cannot articulate verbally (mostly in children).
  • The painter could.
  • Possess outstanding motor skills.
  • Painter gain intelligence.
  • It has health and psychological benefits as it empties the negative energy in the drawing.
  • Drawing fights boredom and fills free time.
  • If the group drawing helps to have fun with friends.
  • Relieves stress.
  • It is based on encouraging creative thinking.
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment.
  • It boosts self-esteem.
Express feelings through drawing step by step

Drawing expresses the inner feelings of a person, as it empties the inner energy, whether it is bad or positive, and expresses him and his personality, and also relieves tension and nervousness, and increases anyone’s self-confidence. In our time, there are also material benefits from drawing, so it is considered income for many people, especially drawing people (portrait) and also Filling free time with something useful..and also exercising the hand and making it light and flexible.

Psychological benefits of step by step drawing

It is worth trying to find space within the daily agenda to allocate time for drawing because of its multiple positive effects on mental health. Some other psychological benefits of drawing, whether for children or adults, are mentioned below:

  • Enhance the ability to pay attention.
  • Enhance self-management skills.
  • Enhance problem-solving and other life skills.


Tips for promoting mental health while drawing step by step

It is advised to follow the following instructions and advice, which contribute to enhancing the benefits of drawing on mental health:

  • Prepare the right environment

By choosing a quiet room away from any source that might distract the person while drawing, with the possibility of listening to music.

  • Only known methods

As it is indicated that there is no need to try new methods; For example, coloring in a new book, in an effort to enhance the benefits of relaxation; It is possible to suffice with the methods known to the person unless he wants to try new methods as a matter of change and development.

  • Confirm that there is no right or wrong during the drawing

Therefore, it is advised to avoid the following things during drawing:

  1. Erase and redo.
  2. Concern about the inconsistency of the drawing process.
  3. Consider whether the level of the drawing is good or bad.
  4. Focus on trying to make the drawing more realistic and accurate.

Note: Painting is an embodiment of beauty, and theater is an embodiment of ideas, Together, they are among the most effective means of education and enlightenment.

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