How to draw winter step by step for beginners

Easy winter drawing:

Learning to draw is not an easy task, especially if you aspire to reach a degree of mastery close to the masterpieces of your favorite artists.
Realize that the greats of painting all started from scratch at some point.

How to draw winter
How to draw winter

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You need to practice at a steady pace the basics of drawing.
Gradually move on to more complex drawing, such as drawing faces, landscapes, animals, and much more.
There are many drawing ideas, we will start with one of them now.


How to draw a house:

In the first step on this tutorial, we will start with this simple house.

How to draw winter
This will be done through a series of steps.
As it is important to learn how to draw step by step.

Beginning :Draw step by step

Half a square and on top of it an oblique triangle like this
Count the first and second days from when you first learned or trained to draw

Or even if you are a professional in this field, or if this is your talent, you will notice that the first lines that you draw are not always that accurate.
And that the next lines or the second drawing is always more successful
The secret is to warm up your hand, so you have been able to control the pen, the amount of pressure, and the degree and flow of lines
So you should not ignore the warm-up period, as it will guarantee you the success of any line you will draw, and then get wonderful paintings.
All you need to do is set aside 5 minutes at the beginning of each drawing or drawing session during which you will draw anything that comes to your mind.
And any lines you want. The important thing is to continue this exercise for the first 5 minutes, and then you can start drawing


Secondly: Follow the drawing step by step

How to draw winter

It is very similar to training the hand to play an instrument, except that it is much easier.
It is not necessary to perform difficult patterns of movements.
All there is is the need to hold the pen in the right way and move the hand lightly and in the right way.
With a little practice, you’ll get the hang of it.
Continue drawing and keep moving your fingers by drawing columns, doors and windows.
Then, draw some trees, as shown above.
All you have to do is keep drawing without stopping.
One of the most important mistakes that a large number of people make is holding the pen in a strange way, either by placing the hand near the tip of the pen.
Or at a very far distance from it, and both things make the task of controlling the pen, the sharpness of the line and the degree of color very difficult.
The right place is medially between the previous two spaces and a little closer to the head.
With the tilt of the pen at a changeable angle so that you can adjust the thickness of the line that you draw.

Third: give your hand some practice with stirring

How to draw winter

At first you will find it difficult and you may feel a little sore
But just a few times of practice can improve your hand control, movement and fulcrum
In addition to controlling the grip of the pen, the sharpness of the color, and the smooth drawing method.
So you can practice about 15-30 minutes a day on these things continuously or divide these minutes and take breaks between them.
And during these minutes you draw anything, write or paint
The important thing is to follow the correct method

Some important tips

There are many drawing books, and in such books you will find a collection of shapes, objects, and living creatures.
With steps to draw it based on the basic lines you learned to draw.
Such steps and explanations are useful, but on one condition that you understand it.
Memorizing this huge amount of steps and lines for all these forms is impossible or difficult and boring.
For example, if you understand how to draw one bird.
Then try to find out the difference between it and other types of birds and sit in the garden and draw another bird yourself.

Now the fourth stage, step by step, for mastery

How to draw winter

Here’s the secret of teaching drawing, it is in discovering the mistakes you make in the paintings, the weaknesses, and the shapes that you are not good at drawing
And work on developing and correcting them until they reach the best level
And what you will notice during teaching drawing and even after becoming a professional is that there is no painting or drawing
No line will be erased or corrected
Sometimes you will need to look at it from a distance or the other way around or at a different angle
And of course you will need the notes of the people close to you

Watch a lot of paintings

There are many sites dedicated to the paintings and many accounts on social media that display the paintings
And a lot of art magazines, and you only have to subscribe to them, so follow them and watch a lot of paintings, which will achieve the following things for you:
Understand fonts, dimensions, and colors.
The more elaborate paintings you see, the more motivated you feel to master the drawing.
Whenever you see beautiful drawings, you will feel an overwhelming desire to hold the pen and draw like it

Fifth step: Analyze each shape and its dimensions

How to draw winter

So far what you are learning and understanding how to draw are drawings and paintings
So you have to move to the best level, which is the analysis of real, realistic shapes and objects
Like trying to draw the first thing you see and trying to analyze the dimensions, the angle, and the relationship between them


The last steps: Trust that you are the greatest who caught the brush

How to draw winter

Drawing mistakes

There are a bunch of bugs that need to be dealt with so you can keep moving forward and not get tired or bored with drawing.

Putting pressure on yourself trying to learn, so you must leave room for rest so that you can progress.

Not completing a painting and getting angry when you find it didn’t work from the start

Waiting for a lot overnight is cumulative and needs practice

So this is how to draw winter step by step for beginners.

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