mercedes car drawing

How to draw a Mercedes car step by step

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a Mercedes car step by step. Mercedes car is a global German brand of cars and is a subsidiary of Daimler, Mercedes car is famous for its luxury vehicles, vans, trucks, buses, and ambulances, Its headquarters are located in Stuttgart in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The brand first appeared in 1926 when Daimler-Benz was established in 2018. The world’s best-selling luxury car brand, with 2.31 million units sold, the name first appeared in 1926 during the reign of Daimler-Benz, In the following lines, we will learn how to draw a Mercedes car step by step.

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Today’s lesson is very interesting for many of you, especially those who love Mercedes cars.

Let’s learn together how to draw a Mercedes car step by step.

  • Step 1
mercedes car drawing
mercedes car drawing

In order to draw an easy car, we divide the drawing into simple steps. In this first step, we draw the car logo on the front of the car.

  • Step 2
mercedes car drawing
mercedes car drawing

We continue drawing in the front of the car, draw the lights of the car, and color a small part with black color under the car logo.

  • Step 3
mercedes car drawing
mercedes car drawing

We draw the wheel at the front of the car, and we also draw the windshield, draw some lines behind the wheel of the car.

  • Step 4
mercedes car drawing
mercedes car drawing

In this third step , we will draw the rear wheel as you can see in the picture.

  • Step 5
mercedes car drawing
mercedes car drawing

In this last step, we draw the rest of the car, draw the side glass, and draw the door and all the missing details.

The history of painting spans generations

The history of drawing dates back to the industrial production of prehistoric humans and extends to all cultures, It represents a continuous tradition from ancient times, despite its periodic interruption, The history of drawing is a continuous river of creativity that continues until the twenty-first century, extending across cultures and continents from thousands of years until the early century Twentieth century, he relied primarily on representational, religious and classical forms, and then acquired a more abstract and intellectual approach.

The developments of oriental painting historically coincide with those in western painting, in general, a few centuries earlier, African art, art, Islamic art, Indian art, Chinese art, and Japanese art all had a great influence on Western art, and vice versa.

What do you know about the origins of Mercedes Benz?

The origins of Mercedes Benz go back to the Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft produced by the Daimler Engine Company in 1901 and the Benz Patent Motorwagen designed by engineer Karl Benz in 1886, which is widely considered to be the first gasoline-powered car, It is widely regarded as the first internal combustion engine in a self-propelled automobile.

Drawing step by step for beginners and thinking outside the box

Practicing drawing continuously helps you to think outside the box and the ability to solve problems in an unconventional and creative way, The painter who transforms an area of ​​blank paper into a piece of art based on his fantasies and thinking, like his drawing today, in which we talked about how to draw a Mercedes car step by he can think outside the limits of his mind and see his problems through Many aspects and thus the ability to find solutions because painters usually have a broader and more accurate perspective based on their way of thinking and creativity.

Golden tips

There are still remnants of feelings that lurk inside and cause us pain and disappointment in some situations that pass us by, As I mentioned above, there are many activities that help us overcome these pent-up feelings, but for me, like tweeting, I prefer drawing in the first place to get rid of these feelings and turn them into inner peace, stillness, and tranquility, practice Drawing continuously and for a long time helps to enter a state of alpha wave meditation, similar to the state that meditation and yoga practitioners reach, This mental clarity has many benefits, such as recovering from diseases and continuing life with a better self.

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