How to draw a Present

How to draw a Present for kids

How to draw a Present step by step

Drawing doesn’t actually have to be cruel

Drawing doesn’t actually have to be cruel, For example, when you are trying to outline an object, draw several lines. You have a better chance of ‘finding’ the right line when you draw many lines. Try to hold the pen differently from the way you hold it when writing. Draw with your shoulder instead of your wrist by moving your entire arm when making a mark.

How to draw a Present
How to draw a Present

How to draw a gift step by step

Dear painter, while working on the drawing and converting it from a preliminary sketch to a final work of art.

Don’t worry too much about the small details from the first moment, but take care of finishing the basic shapes and components first from the drawing.

Later you can adjust the overall frame of the drawing and add the necessary fine details.

Know, learner, that focusing on the complex and accurate details of the drawing at an early age may result in its final parts being inconsistent in sizes and the drawing will lose its balance because you did not work on a strong and disciplined cornerstone.

How to draw a Present step by step

  • Step 1:How to draw a Present

In the first step of this easy drawing, we will draw a large rectangle in the middle of the paper.

  • step 2:How to draw a Present

After we drew a wide rectangle, we erase its upper corner from the left side, and in its place, we draw an oblique line that passes through the rectangle.

In this third step of drawing an easy present for kids, we convert that oblique straight into another rectangle smaller than the first, as you can see in the image.

  • Step 3:How to draw a Present

we continue drawing an easy present for kids, a transition, by converting that oblique straight into a smaller rectangle than the first, as you can see in the image.

  • Step 4:How to draw a Present

Now we have two rectangles in our drawing, one on the side of the other, and the first is considered as the body of the present and the second as the cover of the present.

We will draw two small polygons that pass through the middle of both rectangles.

This gives a beautiful and attractive shape to the present that we are about to draw.

  • Step 5:How to draw a Present

The shape of the gift has become somewhat clearer, we will add two interlocking lines above the cover of the gift as you can see in the picture.

  • Step 6:How to draw a Present

Finally, we finished drawing an easy gift step by step for beginners, we will now draw two medium-sized hearts on top of the gift.

  • Step  7:

    How to draw a Present
    How to draw a Present

After we have finished drawing a beautiful gift for the children, we will color it in beautiful and different colors, and you can use any color you want.

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Gain more knowledge and experience

The important thing is that you gain more knowledge and experience in dealing with the concept of perspective across the paper

Draw a point above this line, which is called the vanishing point

Starting from the vanishing point, start drawing two diagonal lines to the sport and a group of a fast and free path, and end with the end of the horizon of sight.

How to draw a Present step by step.

Tips for those who want to become a professional

  • Use a mirror to practice drawing.

Hold a mirror in front of any object or object you are drawing and look closely at its reflection.

This mirror image gives you a clear view and a different perspective on what you want to draw,

This helps you imagine how you might draw it, whether after decomposing it into smaller and finer geometric shapes or in the end as a cohesive whole.


  • Creating a visual culture

It is necessary to create a visual culture by nourishing your eyes by looking at the paintings of famous painters

They also know the message they want to pass by analyzing how shapes and colors relate to each other.

It is also interesting to read about the history of painting and the development of this art through the ages.

For example, you can read the history of the arts and the most famous pictures.

In which he presents a historical overview of the characteristics of the art of painting in various historical periods.

  • Paper Type & Tools – How to draw step by step for beginners

Beginners often use plain paper for drawing!

However, it is better to choose the appropriate type of paper because the uses of fine paper differ from rough paper.

Drawing nature is different from realistic drawing. For example, Canson’s paper is one of the most famous and oldest papers and has been used by many well-known painters.

Such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Matisse, as it is characterized by a soft texture and has different types, sizes, and colors, and is mainly used for drawing with lead or charcoal.

  • Don’t rush do it at first

Start drawing basic shapes such as ovals, triangles, or rectangles, Depending on the subject to be drawn, the drawing is made with an ink pen over the pencil lines.

As the ink is used to draw lines that must be kept in the painting, use colors to make the painting more clear.

Where it is possible to use watercolors, wooden, or even chalk,Trying to draw all the things that can be encountered in daily life, Such as vehicles used in construction, drawing people, and others.

There are many ways in which drawing can be learned, and they are as follows:


  1. Self-evaluation:

The painter must stop drawing for a while, study the painting, criticize it, and think about what you need before completing it.

  1. Practice and never give up:

As continuity improves skills over time.

  1. Paying attention to exercises:

it helps to learn drawing, especially for beginners, as it is necessary to learn the method of holding a pen, drawing shadows, perspective drawing, and others.

  1. Preparing the basic materials needed for drawing:

Such as pencils, erasers, drawing boards, and sharpeners.

  1. Communicate with other painters:

consult them on many matters related to the skill of drawing.

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