How to draw a pineapple

How to draw a pineapple – easy drawings

How to draw a pineapple step by step

Do you like pineapple? And what do you know about him? The hairy pineapple or pineapple is a plant that follows the genus of pineapple from the bromeliad family, and pineapple is a tropical fruit that grows only in the tropics.

Pineapple has a pyramidal, distinctive and eye-catching shape, with a delicious taste and its content can be transformed into a light yellow (lemon) juice. It was discovered for the first time in the American continent, but it was unknown, although they were amazed at it for several years.

When South America discovered this delicious fruit, it began to try to know it and know how to grow it, as well as transfer it to other places in the world.

draw a pineapple step by step?

Today we will learn how to draw a pineapple step by step, as it is considered one of the most distinctive drawings, and you should enjoy reading the article today.

The task of introducing you to the drawing tools and the things you need while teaching drawing and how to use them is the task of the second lesson, and this is what makes the lesson the most fun and easiest, but first you must know the fact that using a lot of tools does not make any difference, but may complicate things for you at the beginning of learning to draw.

The second fact is that what you have to focus on in the tools is their role and function, not their shape, name, or brand, and therefore you can get any available tools at a low price, provided that you do what is required.

Step 1: How to draw a pineapple

How to draw a pineapple
How to draw a pineapple

In order to draw a pineapple, we start from the bottom up, in order to make it easier for you to follow the steps. We draw the lower part of the pineapple with intersecting lines that are slanted upwards.

Step 2: How to draw a pineapple

How to draw a pineapple
How to draw a pineapple

We continue drawing the pineapple and draw other intersecting lines over what we drew before from the bottom up.

Step 3: How to draw a pineapple

How to draw a pineapple
How to draw a pineapple

As you can see in the picture, we draw oblique lines overlapping each other to form similar shapes inside the pineapple, After we drew the bottom of the pineapple, we now go to the top and draw 3 leaves in the head of the pineapple.

Step 4: How to draw a pineapple

How to draw a pineapple
How to draw a pineapple

We draw the rest of the leaves in the head of the pineapple so that the leaves are on top of each other on both sides and are facing outwards.

Step 5: How to draw a pineapple

How to draw a pineapple
How to draw a pineapple

Finally, we were able to draw an easy pineapple step by step for beginners, all you have to do now is color what you drew, color the leaves green, and color what remains yellow.

For more drawing videos, you can visit my youtube channel: Easy Drawings.

How to draw step by step?

It is very similar to training the hand to play a musical instrument, except that it is much easier, as it is not necessary to perform difficult patterns of movements, all there is,  is the need to hold the pen in the correct way and move the hand lightly and in the correct way, and with a little practice you will master this matter as it suits you All you need to do is the following 5 things:

  • Move the hand from the wrist

Whether you hold the pen correctly or incorrectly does not matter when you cannot move your hand in the right way, that is when you make your wrist the fulcrum on the table, and therefore it is difficult to move it. What you move is the comb.

  • Hold the pens the right way

One of the most important mistakes that a large number of people make is holding the pen in a strange way, either by placing the hand near the tip of the pen or at a very far distance from it, and both things make the task of controlling the pen, the sharpness of the line and the degree of color very difficult The right place is in the middle between the previous two spaces and a little closer to the head, with the pen tilted at a changeable angle so that you can adjust the thickness of the line you draw.

  • Back and forth control

To do this as you are used to, that is, you have to hold a paper and a pen and work on coloring a spot by the way the pen goes and sticks on the paper, and then another spot by moving the pen in one direction, Of course, you noticed the difference between the first and second method in terms of color sharpness and line thickness.

And both things are used, but one of them may be what you do permanently, so you have to determine which style is your usual style and then practice the other style until you can master it, In some paintings you will need strong dark lines and others you will need smooth light tones.

  • Don’t press your fingers too much

The intended pressure here is the pressure of the fingers on the pen and the pressure of the wrist downward to fix the hand on the table In it to teach drawing.

So you should always remind yourself and practice to loosen your grip on the pen and reduce the pressure of the hand downward, and you may find this difficult at first, but it is easier than you imagine after practicing it several times and after noticing the positive difference it makes.

  • Train your hand at drawing

In the beginning, you will find it difficult and you may feel a little pain, but only a few times of training are able to enhance your ability to control your hand, its movement and its fulcrum, in addition to ,controlling the grip of the pen, the sharpness of the color and the smooth way of drawing.

So you can practice about 15-30 minutes a day on these things continuously, or divide these minutes with breaks between them, and during these minutes you draw anything, write or paint, and the important thing is that you follow the correct method, and this is how the first lesson ends.


In conclusion of our article today, we hope that you have learned from this article what is useful to you and that you have enjoyed drawing it today.


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