landscape drawing

How to draw a landscape for kids

Hello guys and welcome back, In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a landscape for kids.

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A landscape includes features visible in an area of ​​land, including physical elements,

such as topography, living elements such as plants and animals, abstract elements such as lighting and weather,

and human elements such as human activity and built-up space,

How to draw a landscape step by step

In the following lines, we will learn how to draw a scenery landscape for beginners step by step.

  • Step 1

    landscape drawing
    landscape drawing

In this lesson we will be drawing a landscape for kids, we start by drawing two curves that look like two intertwined mountains with a river between them.

  • Step 2
landscape drawing
landscape drawing

Draw a shining sun between the two mountains in an attractive romantic look as the sun shines its light on the road to the river.

  • Step3
landscape drawing
landscape drawing

In this step, we draw the features of the road by drawing a river that extends between the two mountains

and draw a path for it.

  • Step4
landscape drawing
landscape drawing

In this step, we add a magical touch to the scene

by drawing a beautiful tree on the road between the two mountains on one of the banks of the river,

to complete the features of our drawing.

  • step5
landscape drawing
landscape drawing

In this step, we draw a small house on the other bank of the river.

  • Step 6
landscape drawing
landscape drawing

We color our drawing to make it more pleasing to the eye, and that concludes today’s lesson,

draw a landscape for kids.

Landscape drawing step by step from ancient times

The abundance of human experiences is what made him discover manuscripts and huts in order to record his history and record his progress and history with them,

After that, in order to be able to eat this animal, this was the belief of our ancient ancestors, for this reason, we have to say that drawing was the language of nations in the past,

and this is our drawing lesson today, how to draw a landscape, one of the most beautiful and wonderful lessons for kids.

Learn to draw step by step from ancient art

There is a big difference between the drawing of the Pharaohs of Egypt on manuscripts, on leather, on bones, and other means that he used to engrave on them,

and between contemporary drawing, in which all the tools that the artist desires are available, such as our drawing for today,

The contemporary artist tries to Learn the wonderful ancient art,

which was the source of wealth for his country, as no one can do any building except through planning and drawing,

all professions need planning before doing them, such as the carpenter, the tailor, the builder, the teacher,

all of these and others need planning for any something before they draw it.

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