how to draw burj khalifa tower

How to draw Burj khalifa  tower easy – things to draw

How to draw Burj khalifa tower?

At the beginning of your journey in how to learn to draw quickly, especially if you are one of the people who publish their paintings, then you will get many comments and many opinions from those around you, and they often include requests such as:

  • Why don’t you draw this?
  • draw me
  • Anime is easy, why not try to master it?
  • Color your paintings
  • Do not color your paintings and many more.

Today, during the lines of this article written specifically for you, dear reader, we will talk about how to draw Burj Khalifa step by step, and we will mention some simple information about what we will draw first, and then we will complete the drawing steps together.

What do you know about Burj Khalifa?

Burj Khalifa, known as the Burj Dubai before its opening in Burj Khalifa, is a skyscraper in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Its total height is 829.8 meters (2,722 ft), just over half a mile, and the height without the antenna is 828 meters.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building built by man and the tallest tower in the world after surpassing the Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan in 2009, The floor is designed in a Y shape in order to optimize the space for both residential and hotel purposes.

A central core and buttressed wings are used to support the height of the building. The tower’s outer structure is also covered in a material that can withstand Dubai’s hot summer temperatures. The tower has a total of 57 elevators and 8 escalators.


How to draw Burj Khalifa step by step?

Through the following lines, we will know in boring detail how to draw Burj Khalifa step by step.

Step 1: how to draw Burj Khalifa

how to draw burj khalifa tower
how to draw Burj khalifa tower

In order to draw the Burj Khalifa in an easy way, we divide it into simple steps. In the first step, we draw the base of the tower at the bottom, on which we will build the rest of the drawing in the next steps.

Step 2: how to draw Burj Khalifa

how to draw burj khalifa tower
how to draw Burj khalifa tower

We continue to draw the Burj Khalifa step by step, and in this step, we draw two long lines on top of what we drew before, and we also draw two small lines inside each one of them.


Step 3: how to draw Burj Khalifa

how to draw burj khalifa tower
how to draw Burj khalifa tower

We draw again two long lines above everything we have drawn so far, and these lines are considered as tall buildings, and the lines inside them are small windows.

Step 4: how to draw Burj Khalifa

how to draw burj khalifa tower
how to draw Burj khalifa tower

In this step, we close the drawing from the top with closed lines as you can see in the picture, and we also add small lines inside it.

Step 5: how to draw Burj Khalifa

how to draw burj khalifa tower
how to draw Burj khalifa tower

The structure of the Burj Khalifa has become complete, and only the upper part of the tower remains, and that is what we will draw in this last step. We draw one line at the top of the tower, and it is somewhat thick.

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Elements of how to draw step by step
  • the shape.
  • The degree of illumination.
  • the shadow.
  • optical focus.
  • proportions measurement.
  • reflection of objects.
Repeat the work on the drawing step by step

It is very similar to aerobic exercises, in which it is necessary to do a warm-up before starting it, and this explains why the first drawing or the first lines are not as beautiful and masterful as the second attempt, so all you have to do is draw some simple drawings on a sheet of paper and this is only for warm-up within a few minutes until It revitalizes your hand and later you can get better graphics.

Create your own way of drawing step by step

There are a lot of videos related to how to learn to draw quickly, and they are good for understanding drawing, but while you are able to understand these drawings, you must create your own way of redrawing them, not just memorizing the method, so you will be able to gain confidence in your ability.

Do not memorize the method of drawing as if you were going to take an exam, Your goal is to master the drawing, that is, to understand the painting and the lines, and then follow your path, the way that you created, in other words, your imprint and your artistic identity.

How do we draw step by step?

First, we care about the position of the body when drawing, as it must be comfortable; Either in front of a table, or in front of a drawing board lit from the north, and you must sit with a straight back, and the elbow of the hand rests on the edge of the table, Therefore, you must do several exercises to draw lines and geometric shapes. These primitive steps may seem unimportant, but executing them correctly will make you have the skill in drawing, and this is called the drawing alphabet, and continuous training helps to get a good expression of the things we want, Draw it, and it’s okay to take five minutes of your time daily to practice

Important rules for a successful drawing

The painter must take into account two things: the movement of the body or the face, the area of ​​light fall and the area of ​​shadow, With regard to measurements, there are certain rules that the painter or artist follows, which is the primitive planning of the drawing. This planning depends on a specific pattern in terms of both lines and correct measurements, and these lines need to be followed by a beginner or an amateur person more than the artist.

Important free advice for successful drawing step by step

Choosing the appropriate pencil during the drawing process helps in obtaining the best desired results. There are many types of pencils that are used in drawing, and they are arranged according to their hardness and color degree.

There are (9H) sharp and light-colored pencils, whose grades are compatible with the nature of artistic drawing, and (9H) pencils. 9B) Soft and dark in color, and it is preferable to use (2B) or (3B) pens when following the steps of learning to draw for the first time.

Rules to consider when drawing step by step
  • Paper cleaner
  • Eraser cleaner
  • Focus on the way you draw features

At the conclusion of our article on how to draw Burj Khalifa, we hope that we have explained to you everything about drawing step by step.

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