how to draw a house

How to draw a house step by step

How to draw a house step by step

how to draw a house
how to draw a house

House drawing is a fun opportunity to use your imagination:

House drawing is a fun opportunity to use your imagination and develop your drawing skills, But it can be difficult if you don’t know where to start!

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How to draw a house in 2D or 3D is very simple if you just know what to do, After you have the basic structure on paper, you can start customizing the look of the house and adding your personal touches to make it your own unique home!

How to draw a house for beginners

  • Step 1:

    how to draw a house
    how to draw a house

In order for you to start with easy steps, in the first step we draw a regular rectangle.

  • Step 2:how to draw a house

We draw another rectangle sticking to it the royal family.


  • Step 3:how to draw a house

Above the first level by drawing two parallel lines from the top.


  • Step 4:how to draw a house

In this fourth step of how to draw an easy house, we painted the roof first.


  • Step 5:how to draw a house

Now that the structure of the house is clear and ready, we will now add some necessary details that make the house complete. We draw the smoke outlet from the top, and we also draw a circular window below the arrow that we drew before.

  • Step 6:how to draw a house

Now we draw a wide and beautiful window on the left side of the house, and we also draw a wide door on the other side.

  • Step 7:

    how to draw a house
    how to draw a house

We draw the door near that window and add parallel lines at the bottom of the door, and we also draw many parallel lines in the other door on the right side.

  • Step 8:how to draw a house

Finally, we were able to draw an easy house step by step for beginners, now we only have to color it, and that is what we will do in this last step. Or you can leave it unpainted which looks nice either way.

How to draw step by step

Learning to draw is not an easy task, especially if you aspire to reach a degree of mastery close to the masterpieces of your favorite artists.

Realize that the greats of painting all started from scratch at some point, You need to practice at a steady pace with the basics of drawing, then gradually move up to more complex drawings like faces, landscapes, animals, and more.

By continuing and gaining more experience and knowledge, you will be surprised that you can eventually improve your drawing skills.

How to draw for beginners – learn with us

  • Try doing this

My dear, at the beginning of your learning to draw, I can tell you that all you need is mastering holding the pen and moving it on the paper in straight lines.

Experiment with holding the pen in your hand at several angles to determine which is more comfortable for you and at the same time gives you more control over the pen

  • More control over the pen

After you have mastered straight-line drawing and become accustomed to it, start rotating your wrist while drawing to produce curved lines.

Make a series of large loops on the paper, then draw small swirls underneath.

Through this exercise, you will gain the skill of hand-eye coordination, after which you will be able to implement any graphic effects on the paper that you may think of.


Create a feeling while you draw

When you are drawing a simple shape, think of an imaginary source of light on the paper.

Dear great painter, use the pencil to lightly add shadows inside the circle in the areas farthest from the imagined light source.

I will tell you now about the password.. Leaving the areas close to it without shadows, continue to build the shape of the shadows with a gradual fading.

Cycle from darker (highly shadowed) areas, farthest from the light source, to shadowless areas, closer to the light source.

Drawing ideas and creativity while drawing

Are you drawing a simulation of something in another picture?

Draw with light precision in pencil a grid of horizontal and vertical lines of equal length and distance apart on the drawing paper.

Dear painter, repeat the implementation of the same grid on the image you are simulating.

Painter, look carefully at the contents of each square of the grid and then work on copying it to the corresponding square on the drawing paper.

Finally, this ensures that the measurements of the drawing are accurate and with the same proportions and sizes of the original image.

Tips for learning to draw for beginners

Anyone can draw If you can write your name, you can draw.

Now that we have proven it, we all know that some of us can deliver better results than others.

Getting skilled in drawing requires several factors combined some of these factors include desire, education, practice, time and more practice.

This list of drawing tips is not an all-encompassing formula for drawing. They are just a few tips I picked up along the way that have helped me with drawing.

  • Drawing is a skill

That drawing is not a magical activity some people are born with the ability to do.

Skill is something that can and most importantly be taught.

If you want to draw, draw better, or draw like a pro you can.

  • Make sure you finish your drawing

Make sure you start and end your drawings in the same style.

If you start drawing in a way that keeps this way, your drawing will look taut and precise

Finish it this way Make sure the drawings look like the artist himself drew everything.

This will ensure that your graphics are uniform and harmonious.

  • Keep practicing

This is the best advice you should practice.

This is as true for any skill as keeping a sketchbook and literally drawing everything you see.

Draw every day when you can’t draw, look at things and imagine how you could draw them.

What are the shapes there? What are the values ​​there? Where is the light source? What medium will I use? Drawing can happen inside your mind as well.

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