how to draw spiderman

How to draw Spiderman step by step

How to draw Spiderman easy

Today we will learn How to draw Spiderman easily, through this article specially prepared for you Let’s learn how to draw step by step.

How to draw easily and the most prominent art schools?

There are many art schools, and to facilitate the process of learning drawing, you must select the method that you like and the type of medium used If you encounter a problem in knowing the method, try these methods:

  • Find artists who inspire you and identify their medium and style.
  • Collect artwork you like
  • Select topics that interest you personally and express you
  • Read about art schools and painting styles


Read the following five steps and learn how to draw with ease, Follow the rest of the article with us to know all that is useful about the fun world of drawing As we always strive to provide you with the most useful information here.

Step 1: how to draw spiderman

how to draw spiderman
how to draw spiderman

For the first step of drawing Spider-Man, draw a blank, featureless face.

Step 2: how to draw spiderman

how to draw spiderman
how to draw spiderman

For the second step in drawing Spider-Man, draw the rest of the face and add the eyes and try to say by drawing the eyes clearly.

Step 3: how to draw spiderman

how to draw spiderman
how to draw spiderman

For the third step in drawing Spider-Man, draw the rest of the face and add some lines to the face to show the true shape of Spider-Man as follows.

Step 4: how to draw spiderman

how to draw spiderman
how to draw spiderman

For the fourth step in drawing Spider-Man, draw the rest of the face and add some kind of thick lines and shade the face for Spider-Man as follows.

Step 5: how to draw spiderman

how to draw spiderman
how to draw spiderman

For the fifth step in drawing Spider-Man, complete the rest of your beautiful drawing and add a kind of beauty to it using the colors as follows.

For more drawing videos, you can visit my youtube channel: Easy Drawings.

Drawing is a special talent

Drawing is a distinctive talent that only a few people enjoy, as it is one of the simplest means that helps the painter to express what is going on inside him of feelings and emotions and enables him to describe all the things surrounding him from the angle from which he sees it He knew the hadeeth and did not express the sadness inside him except with cries of pain and tears of sadness, then his hands started messing with the dirt and drawing on it and expressing what was going on around him of strange things that he did not know the reasons for.

The human race is naturally characterized by curiosity and the desire to discover and know mysterious things, and it is worth noting that the large number of human experiences made him discover huts and manuscripts in order to record his history, achievements and progress, since the Stone Age, the ancient man suffered from an intense fear of wild animals and began to draw these animals on The walls of the caves that he used to live in, in order to kill the awe of fear of these animals.

There is a big difference between drawing our ancestors, the Pharaohs, and modern drawing, in which all the tools needed by the painter are available Despite this, the contemporary artist tries to learn the art of his ancestors, which was the pinnacle of creativity and distinction, and which became a source of wealth for his country, Therefore, the child must be taught from a young age the basics of drawing and providing Drawing tools is the main reason for spreading culture among people.

Tools used to draw Spiderman easy

There are a lot of tools that must be available during drawing in order for the painting to appear attractive and creative, such as paper, and one of the most important types of paper that are usually used in drawing is art, which is coated paper, as well as pencils.

In addition to the brush that is used in drawing Chinese ink, as well as in painting with oil colors or watercolors, as well as the fingers of the sun, this type cannot be removed, but it can be scraped on if the type of paper used is good.

What do you know about the art of drawing?

What were pigments made of in the Paleolithic era? The art of drawing has witnessed since its appearance thousands of years ago until today a lot of developments, which can be summarized as follows :


  • Human groups in the Paleolithic era knew the art of painting in its early stages, which were embodied on the walls of caves and temples, and through the use of pigments made of colored dust, and often the paintings represented animals and there are some human images.


  • The art of drawing moved from rocky surfaces and walls to paper, wood, and then cloth. The used dyes witnessed a remarkable development, after they were from soil and minerals, they became plant extracts and artificial colors, where the dyes were mixed with water and glue.


  • In the fifteenth century, specifically on the continent of Europe, and during the Renaissance era, oil (linseed) was invented as a flexible and permanent means in the drawing process.


What is meant by the elements of the art of drawing?

The elements of the art of painting are the basic building blocks that the painter uses to fully paint the painting, and the painter’s effectiveness is often judged by his ability to employ these elements in his painting, which are as follows:

  • the color
  • the shape
  • Line
  • the value
  • texture
  • The space

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