How to draw a palm tree

How to draw a palm tree step by step

Palm tree drawing for kids

IN This lesson , I will show you how to draw a palm tree step by step ? ,The palm is a type of plant that follows the Areca family of the order Fofoliaceae, It lives in different places such as swamps, deserts, and marine mangrove coasts, Most types of palm originate in semi arid areas, usually near high groundwater levels, rivers or springs, This genus is unique from Its type is among the family of corifaceae, being the only one that has feathery leaves, instead of tufted leaves.

How to draw a palm tree step by step

During the next few lines, we will learn together, how to draw a palm tree step by step for kids.

  • Step 1:palm tree drawing

How to draw a palm treeIn this first step of how to draw a palm tree lesson, we draw two slightly curved lines to the left side, and connect them from the bottom.

  • Step 2:
palm tree drawing
How to draw a palm tree

In this step, we do the same thing we did with the first palm tree, we draw the same in this small palm tree, as you can see in the picture.

  • Step 3:
palm tree drawing
How to draw a palm tree

We draw two leaves over the two lines that we drew in the first step.

  • Step 4:
palm tree drawing
How to draw a palm tree

We draw the rest of the leaves in the head of the big palm, and add many lines in the trunk of the big palm tree, as you can see in the picture

  • Step 5:
palm tree drawing
How to draw a palm tree

Draw the remaining leaves of the small palm tree, and decorate its trunk as well, as we did with the large one.

  • Step 6:
palm tree drawing
How to draw a palm tree

Now you can color the palm trees however you want.

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Drawing step by step for beginners

A person is a blazing bloc of skills charged with emotions, feelings, and inclinations, It is natural that his desires and directions vary because of the arts he nurtures, Himself in the absence of books to take reading as a hobby for him.

Hobbies are the secretions of the loads of the soul that can be discharged in a disciplined and directed behavioral manner, and most of these hobbies enjoy the talent of drawing and are described as art or talent, and an example of that is what we will draw today, dear reader, such as How to draw a palm tree step by step? because it is creativity that is difficult to form unless it is with a strong motive and desire Strong, innate talent, so here is the analysis, because it is a talent that was given to man on the one hand, and developed through acquisition and training.

In addition, drawing is a great hobby with beautiful colors that brings joy to the soul and relieves the soul from its agonies and distress, because of its focus and entry into the world of details from the abstracts of nature on the one hand, and contemplation of drawing characters and the secrets behind the details written with a pen.

The doctrines and types of drawing vary, and here lies mixing and mixing without pure knowledge about the hobby, her artistic performance.

The difference between drawing hobby and drawing talent

The first stages of any hobby, its simple features, begin in childhood, and this is extremely important. Either this seed germinates, or it dries up and explodes with the wind, without having a future. The hobby of drawing children enjoys a pure privacy that is manifested in its highest form when the child begins to Hold the pen, especially if the child’s inclinations are instinctively directed towards drawing, so he does not water any bud and receives care and attention until he sees the light, and this bud becomes a fruitful tree whose root is in the ground and its branches touch with space, like our drawing in today’s lesson, How to draw a palm tree step by step?

How to develop drawing in children?

The development of any skill in life requires several conditions, including; Motivation, which is already present in the child, including persistence and will, and finally encouragement, and these conditions would make every beginning the greatest end,

When we see children drawing or loving writing in colors, this does not mean that the child will become a “Picasso”, but it may become so when the causes of talent are taken into consideration, through encouragement, motivation, and scattering the seeds of various crops in his subconscious mind, His hands skip colors that will bloom his life if this reinforcement continues.

As soon as this child grows up and his inclinations settle down, he becomes a talent, or it develops into a distinguished artist who embraces one of the great schools in this field, and perhaps becomes a pioneer in it, Whoever does not seek to achieve his creativity and ambition will inevitably disappear like scattered dust.

What do you know about palm types?

  • Date palm.
  • drooping palm.
  • Stemless palm.
  • Andaman palm.
  • Atlantic palm.
  • A large palm tree.
  • Canary palm.
  • Laurie’s palm.
  • A palm tree.


The hobby of drawing is more like a conversation with oneself, whether the addressee is a pen, a feather, or even the painting itself. A person needs something to empty his inner potential with a hobby, and one of the finest of these hobbies is drawing because of what it involves in the past of the self and its relationship to life, such as today’s lesson on, How to draw a palm tree step by step? It is a lesson from a group of lessons specialized in developing skills for beginners.

The child sees in it a tool for expression and venting the charges raging inside him, and the boy sees in it his own cave and his bayonets with his rambunctious adolescence. As for the young man, he sails in the talent of drawing into eternal worlds that are difficult for any human being to meet, because his body is stagnant. But his soul is a winged dreamer between colors and the owner of colors, just as sport activates the body, and music refines the spirit, so painting directs consciousness and employs it in meditation, tranquility and inner peace.

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