How to draw a vegetables basket

How to draw a vegetables basket for beginners

How to draw a vegetables basket

Before starting today with one of the new drawings, we have to know some important and useful information about his drawing today, which is How to draw a vegetables basket?

What do you know about vegetables basket and their benefits?

vegetables basket are a rich source of many nutrients important to the body and to strengthen its immunity They are a source of dietary fiber and many important vitamins and minerals, such as: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, folic acid, and other antioxidants and plant compounds important for immunity, the body.

Some types of vegetables basket fall under the name of super food, as it has been shown that some of them are important in strengthening immunity, and contain special substances and powerful compounds in fighting free radicals, infections, and preventing cancer and other chronic diseases,One of the most famous examples is broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, and spinach.

How to draw a vegetables basket

We will now talk about the steps to draw a basket of vegetables step by step for beginners through the following lines in 5 steps:

Step 1: How to draw a vegetables basket
How to draw a vegetables basket
How to draw a vegetables basket

In the first step on how to draw a vegetables basket lesson, we draw a large and wide basket, and erase a small part from its left side.

Step 2: How to draw a vegetables basketHow to draw a vegetables basket

After that, we draw an apple inside the basket, and in the place that we erased, we draw many grains of grapes, one on top of the other.

Step 3: How to draw a vegetables basket
How to draw a vegetables basket
How to draw a vegetables basket

We also draw inside the basket, two bananas on the right side of the basket, half of them inside and the other half outside.

Step 4: How to draw a vegetables basket
How to draw a vegetables basket
How to draw a vegetables basket

In this step, we add some fruits inside the basket, in the empty places, until the entire basket is filled,

Step 5: How to draw a vegetables basket
How to draw a vegetables basket
How to draw a vegetables basket

The drawing of the fruit basket is almost finished Now we go to the center of the basket and decorate it with lines that cross each other.

Step 6: How to draw a vegetables basket
How to draw a vegetables basket
How to draw a vegetables basket

After we finished drawing the basket of fruits, we now color all the fruits inside the basket with their true colors, and we also color the basket after that.

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drawing Step by step is one way of self-expression

Dear reader, drawing is one of the ways to express oneself beautifully using paper and pen, Drawing addresses many of the recurring problems that a person goes through, such as: tension, depression, anxiety, and others, in addition to helping to relax and increase creativity.

Some people have an innate skill in drawing, this type of people only needs to develop this skill, while the other type needs to learn drawing from A to Z, and this type needs more patience and perseverance and not giving up until he learns drawing well until he masters it, As when a person learns to draw for the first time, it is like the person who learns to write for the first time.

types of drawing Step by step for beginners

It can be said that drawings differ in their appearances and objectives, as well as in their types, In this scope, drawings can be divided into three types:

  • Mini cartoons

They are notes recorded of a particular thing or situation of significance at a particular moment.

  • Preparatory fees:

They are preliminary drawings for another method of preparation, such as photography and sculpture.

  • Integrated fees:

It is taken as a finished, independent, stand-alone artwork.

  • Perspective drawing:

The art of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface in a way that gives a realistic impression.

  • mechanical drawing:

Drawing as an architectural drawing.

Exploiting talent for draw a vegetables basket step by step

A person is a blazing bloc of skills charged with emotions, feelings, and inclinations, It is natural that his desires and directions vary because of the arts he nurtures, Himself in the absence of books to take reading as a hobby for him

Since hobbies are a discharge of the soul’s shipments that can be discharged in a disciplined and directed behavioral manner, and most of these hobbies have the talent of drawing and are described as art or talent, Because it is a creation that is difficult to create unless it is in accordance with a strong motive, intense desire, and innate talent.

The difference between drawing hobby and drawing talent

The early stages of any hobby, its simple features, begin in childhood, and this matter is very important,Either this seed will germinate, or it will be dried up and blown away by the wind, without any scrutiny, Especially if the child’s inclinations are instinctively directed towards drawing, so no bud is watered and receives care and attention until it sees the light; This bud becomes a fruitful tree whose root is in the earth and its branches touch space.

How to develop drawing for beginners, step by step

The development of any skill in life requires several conditions, including; Motivation, which is already present in the child, including persistence and will, and finally encouragement, and these conditions would make every beginning the greatest end, When we see children drawing or loving writing in colors, this does not mean that the child will become a “Picasso”, but it may become so when the causes of talent are taken into consideration, through encouragement, motivation and scattering the seeds of various crops in his subconscious mind, His hands skip colors that will bloom his life if this reinforcement continues.

As soon as this child grows up and his inclinations are settled, he becomes a talent, or he develops into a distinguished artist who embraces one of the great schools in this field, and perhaps becomes a pioneer in it, Whoever does not seek to achieve his creativity and ambition will inevitably be scattered like scattered dust and blown away by the wind like an eaten storm, as Abu Al-Qasim said, Chebbi.


Moreover, harnessing talent and directing it pushes its owner to improve it and in it, so that it becomes his safe haven from the pressures of life, and it may turn into his source of livelihood if he wishes, and it is possible to reach how to exploit the talent of drawing in various directions, the most important of which is: converting the talent of drawing into a source of income, through Work with it as a painter, or a teacher to it.

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