how to draw a crown

How to draw a crown step by step

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a crown step by step. The “crown” is the headwear, The use of the crown was known from the beginning of man’s inception because the love of adornment is one of his instincts. The oldest “man” satisfied this inclination in him with the flowers that he used to find in his hands.

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How to draw a crown for beginners

During these lines, we will try to write a wonderful article for you that you will enjoy through the following lines, in which we will talk about how to draw a crown for kids.

  • Step 1

    crown drawing
    crown drawing

In this step, we draw a normal big heart.

  • Step 2

    crown drawing
    crown drawing

Draw a wide line under the heart, and also draw two similar lines on both sides of the heart.

  • Step 3

    crown drawing
    crown drawing

Draw a small circle at the top of the crown, and connect it with straight lines with the heart.

  • Step 4

    crown drawing
    crown drawing

Draw another wide line under the one we drew before, and draw two lines slanted upwards on both sides.

  • Step 5

    crown drawing
    crown drawing

Draw 4 small circles at the top of the crown, as you can see in the image, and draw straight lines, between those circles and the heart in the middle of the crown.

  • Step 6

    crown drawing
    crown drawing

Now we will color it in different colors, as you can see in the picture.


What do you know about the crown? its importance through the ages

It appears that the use of the crown was called for by another need, and that is that the person in ancient times, after working to gain his strength, tended to rest, so he used to cover his face from the heat of the sun with a crown that he made of herbs, braided and surrounded by his head, and he used this type of crown most when eating, so the tendency arose from here, To wear crowns at banquets and make a title of comfort and tranquility of the heart, Where it can be said that drawing a crown step by step is one of the things that prompted us to talk about it during this article.


The importance of drawing step by step for beginners

Drawing is one of the most beautiful hobbies that some people have, as it is a talent that starts from childhood and with learning and training it becomes better, and drawing is considered one of the fine arts in which the individual can express himself and what he feels, and he can communicate his ideas in a contemporary and elegant way, and there are many schools that teach drawing Around the world, which depends on presenting the art of drawing with the latest methods and using the best tools, which provides students with the appropriate environment to present their talents. Here is a topic that expresses the hobby of drawing.

Developing the hobby of drawing in children

Ingenuity appears in a certain talent in people from childhood, where the passion for certain things begins, and with the passage of time the talent increases, and the talent must develop in the child from the beginning so that he does not lose his passion for it, so here we are in today’s article listing the importance of drawing a crown step by step to try to We make our children who can excel and be creative, one of the most important factors in developing the hobby of drawing in children:

  • Training continuously from the first moment.
  • The child goes to a drawing school with follow-up to improve abilities.
  • Encouragement is one of the most important factors that help a child develop his talents.
  • Paying attention to everything he does increases his self-confidence.
How to become a professional painter?

If you have had a hobby of drawing since childhood, you must work on developing it, With time, you may become a professional and famous painter like many painters, It is not difficult, but it depends on practice and belief in talent, There are some steps to achieve this:

  • Reading and reviewing drawing books of the most famous artists and illustrators to know the origins of drawing and the basics that a painter needs.
  • Go to intensive training courses to learn the latest techniques that help you develop your drawing method in a short time and with the help of specialized experts.
  • Imitating other people’s drawings can help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Always carry a sketchbook with you everywhere to improve your drawing performance and practice on a daily basis and draw everything no matter how simple.
  • Learn the basics of colors and how to combine them, and practice that in your free time, while choosing the appropriate type of pen.
  • One of the basics of drawing is learning to draw, defining image dimensions, the size of objects, and choosing basic lines.
Characteristics of someone who owns the hobby of drawing

The personal qualities that every individual carries determine his lifestyle and affect his hobbies and choices, The painter possesses qualities associated with this fine art, We note that whoever has the hobby of drawing has an abundance of feelings and feelings, and a sensitive feeling, as he has a high speed in seeing things and turning them into drawings.


The painter has two eyes that are adept at delving into the smallest details and he reflects what he sees in wonderful artistic paintings, and it can be said here that drawing a crown step by step is one of the wonderful things that we talked about today in this article, and drawing requires only a soul and a beautiful feeling more than just a hand You draw, and therefore we find that the painter cares about the essence of things, not just the appearance, and the art of drawing increases the person’s self-confidence and makes him more experienced, as he is exposed to many experiences.

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