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how to draw a dress easy – things to draw

The human need to record the environmental elements, memories and people around him,

and to record his emotions, feelings and impressions is an innate and ancient need as old as human existence on Earth,

therefore the art of drawing was one of the oldest arts that could be monitored on the walls of caves inhabited by primitive man,

and all ancient and modern civilizations had their members A share of this fine art,

which represents a simple language that all people understand.

In this article, we will learn how to draw a dress step by step during the next few lines,

how to draw a dress step by step

follow us step by step.

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw  a dress step by step :

Step 1: how to draw a dress

how to draw a dress
how to draw a dress

In this lesson, we will be drawing an easy dress,

We will start drawing from the first to the bottom,

For this first step, we will be drawing two small rectangles on the upper side of the dress.

Step 2: how to draw a dress

how to draw a dress
how to draw a dress

We draw a wavy line below what we drew before, connect it on both sides with two straight lines going down,

and close the drawing with another line from the bottom.

Step 3: how to draw a dress

how to draw a dress
how to draw a dress

We continue to draw the dress, and we draw like what we drew in the second step,

but on the contrary, we leave some blanks in it, until we draw something else in it.

Step 4: how to draw a dress

how to draw a dress
how to draw a dress

We draw in that space that we left, the belt of the dress in the middle of it,

and draw the heads of the belt in a dangling manner to the bottom.

Step 5: how to draw a dress

how to draw a dress
how to draw a dress

The bottom part of the dress consists of 3 layers, one on top of the other If we draw the first layer,

we draw the second layer in this step.

Step 6: how to draw a dress

how to draw a dress
how to draw a dress

In this step of dress drawing, We draw the third layer And the last At the bottom of the dress,

thus we reach the end of drawing the dress.

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Drawing and recording reality step by step

The artist who draws does not deafly seek to record the reality around him,

but rather he records his impressions of the world in which he lives, and the artist’s eye sees everything around it with a perspective that the ordinary person may not realize,

and that may make you see drawing the apple or other things that you used to see,

You feel as if you are seeing it for the first time because of the shadows, colors, and spaces used in the painting

It can be said that how to draw a dress is something that simulates what we are talking about today, Follow us.

Drawing is a recording of the scenes, feelings, and observations made by the artist,

and the artist usually begins his painting by drawing a basic structure and works on adjusting the dimensions and proportions in his painting,

as well as adjusting the shades and color tones.


Translating feelings through drawing step by step

Each person can see the painting and translate what came in it with a translation related to his own feelings and culture,

the degree of his education and awareness, and his personality,

which makes the artist happy because he likes to see the wide spectrum effects of his paintings on people from different cultures.

Drawing differs from photography in that the painter adds many dimensions to his artistic painting,

and even if he records the features of a face, through drawing sadness, hope, happiness,

or innocence can emerge and artfully illustrate these features in the face,

which he may not be able to Photographer, no matter how professional he is.

The artist can turn to his inner self and derive from his feelings what can be embodied in the colors and shapes on the painting,

and he can record his memories and impressions with lines that only him may understand,

and the art of drawing remains something that is felt, and touches human feelings at their core.

What we draw today is how to draw a dress that includes what we want to say,

where the art of drawing is one of the seven famous arts, which are architecture, music, sculpture, poetry, dance and cinema,

where drawing comes in third place among the seven basic arts according to the classification that some philosophers put.

If you like drawing step by step, you can follow some rules to draw like a pro, such as :
  • Choose an object as the model you want to draw, and hold it in an appropriate position.
  • Try to embody lights and shadows as we did while draw a dress step by step.
  • Use light pencils such as those marked with the symbols F or H.
  • You can leave the areas exposed to bright light white without adding any lead, then scale in the shadows to a darker color.
  • Before you finish your painting, make sure that you have given every part of it your care and attention, so that it becomes an integrated work that you are proud of.



One of the wonderful hobbies is also drawing with charcoal,

as it is one of the materials that gives impressive results and can be used easily,

and some of it is rough and some is soft, and charcoal has two main types, vegetable charcoal and industrial charcoal.

Divide the drawing step by step into types

  • Three-dimensional drawings:

They are the embodiment of shapes and figures, and these drawings are usually realistic.

  • Mechanical drawings:

These are drawings that can be used in works that people need in industry and construction, and that require accurate measurements.

  • Animation:

Like the ones used in cartoon movies.


What do you know about drawing materials step by step

Drawing is characterized as one of the arts that can be practiced without much cost,

as some can be creative using a pencil and paper, or a pen of dry ink and paper,

and it can range in the use of colors from wood to oil or other materials, each according to his abilities.


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