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How to draw a mask easy – things to draw

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a mask step by step,

Talent is a gift and talents are different, Some have a hobby of writing and reciting poetry, and some have the talent of a sweet voice that is suitable for reciting beautiful songs.

Drawing is one of those talents that God has bestowed on us, and through The following article is from an encyclopedia, we will present to you an expressive topic about it, so follow us.

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how to draw a mask step by step foe beginners.

  • Step 1

    mask drawing
    mask drawing

In this step, we draw an empty circular line at the top.

  • Step 2

    mask drawing
    mask drawing

We close the circular line, by drawing two wavy lines at the top of the circular line.

  • Step 3

    mask drawing
    mask drawing

Draw 4 lines inside the mask, and draw a dashed line on the upper side of the mask.

  • Step 4

    mask drawing
    mask drawing

In this last step, draw two circular and similar lines on both sides of the mask.


Children’s hobby of drawing

Each person has a specific hobby that is different from others in which he excels, creates, and innovates,

The indications of talent appear on the child from a young age, and among the beautiful artistic talents is the hobby of drawing , his love of colors, their use, and spending a long time practicing this hobby.

The mother who notices this hobby in her child should develop it in him, and help him to innovate in it by involving him in activities that teach the basics of drawing and the different art schools, and their types, in simple and accessible ways for children, and she must also encourage him to practice it, And do not rebuke him when he cares about her so as not to lose his confidence in himself and his talent.

how to draw a mastep by step? 

Drawing is considered one of the talents spread among people, and you have to learn how to draw a mask step by step during that article because it is one of the tests in front of you now, as it appears on the person since his childhood, and with support, practice and skill development, this skill develops in the person, and he can excel in it And innovates in its arts.

A talented person should not be satisfied with his talent, for talent alone is not enough, but it must be refined by study and knowledge, so that something that did not exist before can be invented. This is what is known as creativity in art.

Drawing step by step and the importance of talent

The talent of drawing is not just paper and colored pencils, but rather a special spirit, and a creative vision of the things around us, and the painter uses the help of showing the details of his painting, as in our painting today, drawing a mask step by step with many tools, including papers of different types, and colors of many types and degrees, Which each of them is suitable for a specific work only, or for a type of drawing only.


And talent cannot be limited to simply simulating things around us, and redrawing them on paper, but talent appears in the message that the painter wishes to convey to the world, and the issue he discusses through his own painting.

And talent cannot be limited to simply simulating things around us, and redrawing them on paper, but talent appears in the message that the painter wishes to convey to the world, and the issue he discusses through his own painting.

Expressing the inner self through drawing

Drawing is one of the most important and simplest means that helps a person to express his inner feelings, and to express the feelings that his emotions confront him, where the individual can express his mental expressions, and an important example of this is drawing a mask step by step, such as today’s lesson, and during drawing we can go to drawing and expression in our own way It can go up or down as we like.

It was one of the primitive ways known to man to express his feelings in drawing, when a person is a foreigner who does not know the conversation, and knows only cries of pain and smiles of sadness, and after that his hand messed in the dirt so that a person could Expressing what is going on around him of meaningless things, but they exist. around him, he paints it to express what is inside through it.

How to draw step by step

  • The redo method, or the Crawhole method

The method is to put the thing that a person wants to draw in front of him, and he starts drawing.

  • Preservation method or Whistler method

It is for the student to study the details of the model he wishes to draw, memorize it, and then draw it by recalling the shape of the model in his memory.

  • Display and hide method

We must know that the painter (Smit) was the first to use this method, and this method consists in presenting the model to people for a certain period, and after they are familiar with its details, he hides it and asks him to draw the model.


Tools used in drawing step by step
  • Paper

One of the most important types of paper used for drawing is “art”, which is coated paper.

  • Pencils

Among the most important types of pencils that a writer can use are hb-h-b or with numbers 1,2,3.

  • Mattress

It is used in Chinese ink painting, and is used in oil painting, using watercolors.

  • sun fingers

This type cannot be removed, but if the paper used in the drawing is good, in this case it can be scraped off, as part of the drawing is scraped off in order to obtain a special effect in the drawing.

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