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How to draw a hand step by step

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a hand step by step for kids, pick up your pen and follow the steps.

Can anyone learn to draw step by step?

Some may think and say I do not have the talent for drawing, but the truth is otherwise, which is that anyone can learn to draw knowing that it is not too late for that, and drawing is not based on talent only, but there are rules and foundations that help us learn drawing and you will be impressed with the results that You will get it in a very short period.

If you get to know these rules and keep practicing them, you will find that every time you draw, your eyes will improve in seeing and analyzing shapes, and you will increase your hand skill, and this will help you in many areas such as digital drawing, as well as to get impressive results and drawing skill. It will add a new dimension to your work as a designer and will help you improve your skills such as the way you think about the form, composition, and working structure of a design.

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How to draw a hand for beginners


  • Step 1

    hand drawing
    hand drawing

In this first step, we draw the big toe first.

  • Step 2

    hand drawing
    hand drawing

After that, we draw the other finger, which follows the finger that we drew before.

  • Step 3

    hand drawing
    hand drawing

In this third step, we draw two fingers, one next to the one we drew.

  • Step 4

    hand drawing
    hand drawing

In this fourth step, we draw the last little finger that is left of the hand.

  • Step 5

    hand drawing
    hand drawing

In this last step, we draw the rest of the hand, as you can see in the picture.


Developing the talent of drawing step by step for beginners

One of the most common hobbies is the hobby of drawing, that talent that enables us to see what is going through the mind of the artist in the form of an artistic painting that reflects something that he cannot express in any other way, so we must boast and care about everyone who draws a profession as a work or talent; Drawing has had a prestigious position since time immemorial, as it is considered a reason for intellectual renaissance and a contributing factor in spreading cultures among peoples. The importance and usefulness of drawing and its role in the renaissance of societies has emerged to us through the inscriptions left by the first man that express what is going on inside his mind.

A successful painter and drawing step by step

The person who has the hobby of drawing and carries the finest and most delicate feelings, has sharp eyes that capture the smallest details of beauty with sharpness and lightning speed, as is the case in his drawing today, dear reader, where the focus is on the beauty of the human body and the focus on the following: how to draw a hand step by step ? to present it in his creative work burdened with his feelings, Drawing does not need a hand but requires a soul and a pen through which he pours the tentacles of his soul and writes his feelings and feelings.

With the repetition and abundance of human experiences throughout history, man was able to discover manuscripts and huts on which his history was recorded, It is worth noting that there is a vast difference between the drawings that the Egyptian pharaohs brought and contemporary drawings, Where the pharaohs presented leather, manuscripts, bones, and various inscriptions.

Painting spreads culture and teaches values

Drawing has become one of the most important things that help spread culture among the people, In the past, man used manuscripts and caves to express what is going on in his mind and thought about it through drawing, like his drawing today, which is her how to draw a hand step by step? and also through engraving on it, which confirms to us that drawing is closely related To the renaissance of society, we will present to you, through a content site, an expression of drawing that is suitable for all educational stages, just as the art of drawing is an important expressive tool that can be used to express ideas and thoughts that roam in the human mind, which makes it have a great impact on everyone who performs it. seeing it and interacting with it visually.

The basics of drawing step by step for beginners

Sketch plays a major role in the design process, as it is one of the basic skills that artists and designers must-have, which helps them to write down and develop their ideas anywhere without the need for many tools or programs to implement them as a means of transferring nature and transforming it and extracting what can be implemented from it as it develops the sense Visual and visual communication skills, as it gives us the skill of converting words and information into initial drawings that express the client’s requirements, and provides us with the path that we will take in the design process, taking into account that not all ideas are feasible.

The difference between sketching and drawing step-by-step for beginners

The sketch is the introduction to the drawing, as the first stage of drawing is the sketch. The sketch is a quick drawing to clarify the shape without going into many details.

As for the step-by-step drawing for beginners, it is the final stage of the process of showing the figure in its final, complete appearance, with all its details, including colors, lighting, textures, and other characteristics of the figure, such as drawing it today how to draw a hand step by step, Hence we note that the principles of the sketch are the same as the principles of drawing from the use of drawing tools and basic shapes used in the process The composition of the shape, but as we mentioned without going into the full details of the drawn shape.


You have to train on the exercises in it and search for other training on the Internet in order to be a professional painter, but it is necessary to train continuously in drawing every day and you can start for 10 minutes a day and then increase this time little by little, to get satisfactory results and form a habit as we mentioned previously, We hope today’s lesson was about how to draw a hand step by step? , useful and interesting to you.

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