How to draw a Volleyball step by step

How to draw a volleyball for kids

Volleyball is one of the most popular international sports in which two teams play, separated by a high net, The team has to hit the ball over the net for the opponent’s area, Each team has three attempts to hit the ball over the net. A point is calculated for the team when the ball hits the opponent’s ground, or if a mistake is made, or if the team fails, Correctly blocking and returning the ball

Volleyball skills

  • Then follows the reception.
  • Then scroll or set up all kinds.
  • and its directions.
  • Then follows the overwhelming beating also of all kinds.
  • And the blocking wall both defensive and offensive.
  • Finally, it is the skill of defending the field.
  • Moves and standbys.

Let us, during this article, begin to draw a volleyball through those lines, which are important to follow and know each step. What should we do step by step to learn how to draw volleyball?  in this lesson i will show you how to drow a volleyball step by step?

Step 1: how to drow a volleyballhow to draw a volleyball

In the first step of drawing a volleyball, we draw a large circle.

Step 2: how to drow a volleyballhow to draw a volleyball

After we have drawn a simple circle, we draw inside it two lines that meet near the center of the circle and depart from both sides of the part of the sphere.

Step 3: how to drow a volleyballhow to draw a volleyball

After that we draw two more lines, one at the top of the ball, and the other at the other side, as you can see in the picture.

Step 4: how to drow a volleyballhow to draw a volleyball

In this step, we draw the rest of the curved lines inside the ball.

Step 5: how to drow a volleyballhow to draw a volleyball

After we finished drawing the volleyball, you can color it with different colors, as you can see in the picture.

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What do you know about the first laws of volleyball?

What do you know about the first laws of volleyball?

The first laws of the game of volleyball invented by William stipulated that there be a net at a height of 1.98 m, and the middle of the playing field, which must be 15.2 m long by 7.6 m, The number of players is limited, and they compete in a match consisting of 9 receptions and 3 transmissions for each team, Until 1900 AD, no ball was made for volleyball, and the laws of the game were not in that period as we know it today, After the first presentation of the game in 1896, the name of the sport was replaced by “volleyball”, meaning the current volleyball, Hence the sport has undergone many changes in the rules (as is the case with basketball).

Origin of volleyball

On February 9, 1895 AD, in the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts, William George Morgan, Director of Physical Education at the YMCA Association, created a new sports game called Mintonette to pass the time in an entertaining way, and he preferred to play this game inside the halls and with any number of players, The game took some of its characteristics from Badminton, tennis and handball While basketball was a new sport volleyball was created on the basis that it was the less rough indoor sport than basketball suitable for YMCA members.

How to draw simple stuff step by step?

He tells us a lot about his experience in drawing, and they say that drawing is a topic that they enjoy and they never tire of working on it, whether it is at home, at work, or anywhere, because studying drawing and applying it is fun, and it does not need to tell those around you, but you can just sit in A corner to draw people in their normal lives without them noticing your presence.

Some special tips for drawing a volleyball To draw a volleyball, start by making an egg shape to represent the ball, then draw the important details of the ball and do these steps as a whole until you make sure there is compatibility and proportion between the parts and each other, and then create the smallest and most accurate details.

Drawing a volleyball requires observing the angle of the ball’s direction, and this is why drawing a volleyball is linked to the painter’s ability to make a perspective of it,Drawing lines must be observed in order to be clear and sharp.


The most important tools for drawing step by step successfully

One of the most important tools of a painter is his hands, and one of the most important skills that he must learn to be a successful painter and be able to draw volleyball is the passion in drawing or what is known as the love of work.

A sketch is a quick drawing whose aim is to show or clarify an idea that revolves in the imagination of the architect. For example, he may draw an internal sketch to show a specific idea inside a room, and the most important thing that distinguishes the sketch is that it is quick and done by hand without using engineering tools.

The basis of the sketch for the painter is that it depends initially on the abstraction of the form and it begins with drawing solids and geometric shapes ,The architect may add from his art with the skill of directing that shows the aesthetics of the architectural sketch, and by adding details such as trees or clouds, people, cars, etc, and among the advantages of these details is that they clarify the proportions between volumes It adds aesthetic.


In the event that you have mastered this skill and want to work with it, you can work independently and teach it to many, and here we will mention examples of people who work independently to benefit from them in case you want to work like them or learn from them.


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