how to draw clouds

How to draw clouds step by step

How to draw clouds?

At the beginning of our drawing today, we must talk about the most important information that we can present to you in a very simplified form, except that we are talking about clouds, how to draw clouds, drawing methods, tools, colors, and so on.

It is a visible aggregation of minute particles of water or ice or both together, ranging in diameter from 1 to 100 microns, appearing to float in the atmosphere at different heights as they appear in different shapes, sizes and colors, It also contains water vapor, dust and a huge amount of dry air and other liquid substances. And solid particles emitted from industrial gases.

Clouds are a form of atmospheric moisture that can be seen with the naked eye, as the sun is the main driver of the water cycle.

And during the next article, we will talk in detail about how to draw step by step through the following lines, Follow with us how to draw clouds.

Step 1: how to draw clouds

how to draw clouds
how to draw clouds

In this first step of how to draw clouds step by step, we draw half of the first cloud, so that we draw 3 lines slightly inclined from the middle, and adjacent from the vertices to each other.

Step 2: how to draw clouds

how to draw clouds
how to draw clouds

We draw the cloud, and draw the remainder of the first cloud, with semi-circular lines as in the first half.

Step 3: how to draw clouds

how to draw clouds
how to draw clouds

We finished drawing the first cloud, and now we move on to the second cloud, which we will draw behind the first, and in the same shape that we drew the first.

Step 4: how to draw clouds

how to draw clouds
how to draw clouds

In this step, we draw the raindrops that fall from these two clouds, of different sizes and similar shapes.

Step 5: how to draw clouds

how to draw clouds
how to draw clouds

Now that we have drawn an easy cloud for beginners, we color it brown as you can see in the picture, and you can choose any color you want, and we also color the raindrops blue.

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Benefits of drawing clouds step by step

Some people think that drawing, especially drawing clouds, is just a way to waste time, by doing some innovative drawings and shapes, which are useless, but they just don’t do that, and here is the answer to the question, what are the benefits of drawing step by step.

  • It helps to improve the communication skills that an individual possesses.
  • It is an art that helps express feelings optimally, without the need for verbal communication, and helps free a person from the restrictions he feels.
  • When you want to finish a quality painting, you can always count on the art of painting to get the positive vibes you’re looking for.
  • It helps to enhance people’s emotional intelligence, and it can also predict their mood and mental state.
  • It can be relied upon to relieve stress and anxiety, not to mention its superior ability to relax you.

Learn drawing step by step for beginners and draw clouds

Some still say about the benefits of drawing a lot, and from here we point out that there are many benefits to learning it, including the following :

  • More attention comes from the people around you.
  • Sometimes drawing can help you complete tasks as quickly as possible, because if you rely on practicing it during your free time or rest time, you will get enough energy in return to help you complete those tasks in the best way possible,Promotes alertness and creativity.
  • It belongs to a type of psychotherapy because it nourishes the soul and provides the individual with many innovative ideas
  • It can be relied upon to control pain, because in this case you will direct all your feelings and focus on the painting that you want to accomplish, which in this case means that it will be a source of distraction.


Draw clouds easily

You must first start preparing the tools well in order to be able to draw step by step drawing. Also, it can be said that drawing drawing provides several benefits for mental health, and its benefits in improving the psyche of the individual may have a major role in influencing his daily life

It was also found that art therapy benefits people who suffer from physical illnesses and psychological disorders at the same time, and among the promising and potential benefits of this type of therapy, which need more studies to be confirmed, is to improve interaction and social communication among affected people, reduce levels of psychological anxiety, and speed up the recovery period, Thus reducing the time required to stay in the hospital, in addition to controlling pain.

Finding space within the daily agenda for step-by-step drawing

It is worth trying to find space within the daily agenda to allocate time for drawing because of its multiple positive effects on mental health, Some other psychological benefits of drawing, whether for children or adults, are mentioned below :

  • Enhance the ability to pay attention.
  • Enhance self-management skills.
  • Enhance problem-solving and other life skills.
Tips and instructions while drawing step by step

It is advised to follow the following instructions and tips that contribute to enhancing the benefits of drawing on mental health, and please follow the step-by-step principle of drawing clouds.


  • Preparing the appropriate environment by choosing a quiet room away from any source that may distract the person during drawing, with the ability to listen to music that helps provide a calm environment and helps the person to relax, and choose a place where he can sit for a period of 20-30 minutes without disturbance.
  • It is also advised to turn off the mobile phone and the TV during that, and to suffice with the known methods, as it is indicated that there is no need to try new methods; In an effort to enhance the benefits of relaxation; It is possible to suffice with the methods known to the person unless he wants to try new methods as a matter of change and development.


In conclusion, attention must be paid to hygiene and cleaning of tools during drawing, during drawing, and after completion as well. We hope that today’s article has won your approval and satisfaction.

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