How to draw a shoe

How to draw a shoe step by step

How to draw a shoe easy

In today’s article, we will talk about one of the most important drawings that were requested, which is how to draw a shoe. The children saw many of these scenes during the Qatar World Cup 2022, and the shoes of the senior players during the matches, which aroused curiosity for everyone.

Drawing is an expression of what is going on in the heads and minds of painters and a means of conveying their ideas on the ground. It has many benefits, including:

  • Expressing needs, motives or desires that the illustrator cannot articulate verbally (mostly in children) :
  • The painter was able to possess distinguished motor skills.
  • Painter gain intelligence It has health and psychological benefits as it empties the negative energy in the drawing.
  • Drawing fights boredom and fills spare time If the group drawing helps to have fun with friends.
  • Relieves stress It is based on encouraging creative thinking Provides a sense of achievement and boosts self-esteem.

And during the next article, we will learn step by step how to draw a shoe through the following lines:

Step 1: How to draw a shoe

How to draw a shoe
How to draw a shoe

In the first step of drawing a shoe, we first draw the Nike sign, which will be in the middle of the shoe from a distance.

Step 2: How to draw a shoe

How to draw a shoe
How to draw a shoe

Now draw 4 lines around the Nike brand, some of which are glued together at the vertices, forming a small circle with the Nike brand inside.

Step 3: How to draw a shoe

How to draw a shoe
How to draw a shoe

We follow the drawing of the shoe step by step, and in this step we draw the entrance through which we insert our leg into the shoe.

Step 4: How to draw a shoe

How to draw a shoe
How to draw a shoe

We now draw the base of the shoe, which will carry the whole shoe from the bottom, and we also add a line that surrounds the front part of the shoe.

Step 5: How to draw a shoe

How to draw a shoe
How to draw a shoe

In the fifth step of drawing an easy shoe, we will draw the rest of the shoe in the front and at the top, as you can see in the image.

Step 5: How to draw a shoe

How to draw a shoe
How to draw a shoe

In this last step, we will color the shoe as you can see in the image.

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Drawing is a powerful way to express feelings

It can be said that drawing expresses the inner feelings of a person, as it empties the inner energy, whether it is bad or positive, and expresses him and his personality, and also relieves tension and nervousness and increases the person’s self-confidence. In our time, there are also material benefits from drawing, so it is considered an income for many people, especially drawing people ( portraiture) and also filling free time with something useful, as well as exercising the hand and making it light and flexible.

Drawing for beginners is a beautiful art, especially when drawing unique shoes

Drawing is one of the most beautiful and noble arts, a language through which a person expresses what is inside him with the most beautiful colors, an art that has no queen if you see a picture that you can interpret in one way and another person interprets it in another way and touch a specific area inside it, imagine all those wonderful feelings that drawing creates inside your child, and more This is where experts found that the importance of drawing for children is great in making them express through it their thoughts, dreams and feelings as well.

Drawing for children can be a means of entertainment and enjoyment to develop their mental skills and nourish their spirit, and it can be at the same time a behavioral and psychological treatment to increase their self-confidence and develop their intelligence as well as calm them down and release their energy and negative feelings and modify their unwanted temperaments such as nervousness, stubbornness, etc.

A means by which the child expresses what is inside him

Drawing is a means by which the child expresses what is inside him and knows it automatically from the early stages of his development. All you have to do is give the child a paper and a pen and you will find him immediately starting to make lines in some way.

Those lines may be just scribbles for you, but they express something from his point of view, and therefore we find that primitive man learned drawing before writing and reading, and the evidence is the drawings found in the caves from the Stone Age.

The same applies to the child, where we find that drawing is the first skill he uses to express himself, and of course in parallel with the rest of his means of expression such as play and language.

The parallel stages between language and drawing, step by step, for children

Studies have confirmed that the development of a child’s use of language proceeds in parallel with his learning of the art of drawing, and they summarized this development in 7 steps, namely:

1- The stage of lines: This stage in drawing corresponds to the stage of screaming in language, and in both cases the child makes unintended movements.

2- The stage of scribbles: It is the stage corresponding to the stage of babble in language learning for the child, and it is an irregular group of lines that may or may not represent anything for the child.

3- The stage of scribbling with colors: it is matched by the stage of contradiction, which involves a bit of intent, as he tries to represent in drawing and express his love for the system through that stage.

Knowing that the child must pass that stage by reaching 6 years of age, otherwise he will be mentally retarded.


At the end of our drawing today, we hope that you like our drawing and that you have enjoyed the rich information that we provided about how to draw a shoe?


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