How to draw a letter step by step

In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a Letter step by step. This simple instruction will consist of 7 steps.

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How to draw a letter step by step

  • Step1
letter drawing
letter drawing

We draw an inverted triangle with equilateral sides.

  • step2
letter drawing
letter drawing

We draw an outer square that encloses the entire triangle so that it gives a hint of the features of the drawing.

  • Step3
letter drawing
letter drawing

We draw a triangle slightly larger than the first triangle so that it is opposite in direction.

  • step4
letter drawing
letter drawing

We draw a heart that expresses the content of speech and its magnificence.

  • Step 5
letter drawing
letter drawing

In this step, we increase the hearts so that the shape of the drawing becomes complete.

  • step 6
letter drawing
letter drawing

In the end, we color the drawing so that our drawing becomes completely complete.

Drawing step by step and its psychological connotations

Drawing step by step is one of the aspects of the arts practiced by the child, and it is an expressive word that means conveying meanings and illustrative images,

And it is the ability to communicate with others, as it is considered a meeting between the self-world and the world of the subject,

such as drawing it today, but it is how to draw a letter easy?

It expresses the ego, and it is a means through which the child tries to achieve psychological balance and express his feelings.

What do you know about the art of drawing

Art in general is the detonator of creative vital energy, and it is the source of thought, work, progress and development,

As it is the basic principle of the secret of life, its love and openness to the world,

and although many people see that art is a kind of luxury and entertainment that is not necessary for life, this is understandable.

Wrong, art is the expression of what is going on inside a person of ideas, beauty and freedom, and it is the unbridled energy to launch into life.

As for children’s arts, they are defined as different patterns of free, spontaneous self-activities, which constitute an important aspect in directing their inclinations and aptitudes, and cultivating their artistic inclinations,

Children’s arts are one of the basics that reveal their nature and the truth of their feelings, and help in their educational, artistic and psychological development,

And during the next article, we will learn how to draw a letter easy?

The importance of drawing for children psychologically

The psychological aspect of the child must be well known, especially since children’s drawings are one of the important things that explain their psychological needs and what they go through in their lives.

Therefore, mental health doctors and pediatricians are advised to consider the relationship of drawings to mental health.

The specialists confirm that the most important way to get rid of psychological complexes and express needs is drawing, and among the lessons that we presented is drawing it today, which is how to draw a letter easy?

It is also an effective way to help them diagnose the condition that the child is going through, as the child puts an imaginary picture and draws symbols that can Psychologists and doctors can decipher and understand it.

The benefits of drawing step by step
  • Drawing contributes to identifying the strong and weak sides of the child.
  • Drawing helps clarify the child’s relationship with those around him, and how the child sees the people around him.
  • Drawing works to develop the general taste of the child, and also contributes to implanting aesthetic touches within him.
  • Drawing has a great role in introducing the child to the network of social relations surrounding him.
  • Drawing is one of the elegant methods that works to rid the child of introversion and psychological problems.
  • Developing general taste and the creative side of children.
  • It mainly contributes to developing the personality and making the child inclined towards the arts and respecting them.
  • Art in general expands the imagination of individuals and makes them more creative.
  • Drawing in general contributes to the upbringing of the child on correct behavior, because the arts affect the personality.
  • Drawing contributes to the formation of a calm personality devoid of social problems, interactive, but to a reasonable extent.
Drawing properties step by step

There are a set of characteristics that characterize children’s drawings, such as drawing them today…, which are:

  • Automatic

The young child cannot build his drawings on logic, but depends mainly on his event and his feelings, as children have a special and special world in which there are no prevailing laws of natural instinct upon which he was created, which differ from one child to another.

Each child has characteristics of expression that are characterized by a free style stemming from inside it.

  • Repetition of fees

It is noticed in the young age stages that the child repeats the drawings,

Dr. Abla Hanafi says that the repetition is one of the child’s expressive tendencies, which is due to the fact that the child has a feeling that he is able to draw some elements well,

so he draws them several times and repeats them because it makes him feel professional.

  • exaggeration

It is natural to exaggerate and distort drawings for the purpose of expression,

and exaggeration in some parts or elements of a drawing is due to the child’s desire to express and emphasize one of the symbols that he wants to formulate strongly,

According to researchers and experts, children’s drawings are exaggerated as a result of children’s experience with some things that pass them through their lives, for example when a child draw a letter easy? that is an indication of the child’s intelligence and skill.


According to the child’s desire to communicate his ideas and communicate them as he feels them, regardless of their nature that he sees, we find that the child reflects another artistic feature in his drawings, such as today’s lesson how to draw a letter easy

It is called transparency, in which the child shows some invisible facts as if they are visible, i.e. clear to the one who sees the drawing,

Such as showing the person’s heart in the drawing or what is inside the house from the outside.

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