spaceship drawing

How to draw a spaceship for beginners

In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a spaceship step by step. This simple instruction will consist of five steps.

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Drawing is a wonderful skill that we should all encourage children to practice from the moment they are able to color for the first time,

And the child can be creative using some chalk, pens and colored papers,

and sometimes these drawings may be just simple “scribbles”

Sometimes they are wonderful pieces of art where Today’s lesson on How to draw a spaceship.

And during the following article and through the next lines,

we will learn, step by step, how to draw a spaceship in detail.

How to draw a spaceship STEP BY STEP

  • Step1
spaceship drawing
spaceship drawing

We draw the beginning of the spaceship body,

as the spaceship has a pointed head to be able to penetrate space.

  • step2
spaceship drawing
spaceship drawing

We draw a cover for the head of the missile, where we separate the head of the missile from the body.

  • Step 3
spaceship drawing
spaceship drawing

Continuing our beautiful drawing, we draw some lines and patterns on the side of the body of the spaceship.

  • Step 4
spaceship drawing
spaceship drawing

In this step, we draw the blazing flames at the tail end of the spaceship.

  • step5
spaceship drawing
spaceship drawing

At the end of our drawing, we add the aesthetic touch to complete the features of our wonderful painting,

where we draw a rush of fire from the bottom of the body of the spaceship in preparation for launch.

Drawing is a great talent and fine art

Drawing is beneficial for the mental health of children,

as this activity represents an ideal way to develop their motor and mental skills,

and enhance their exploratory, psychological and emotional development.

Unlike adults, children do not worry about the opinions of others, are not prejudiced against their drawings,

and do not have emotional or mental barriers that limit their abilities.

How to enhance the benefits of drawing for beginners?

Regardless of the many benefits of drawing, parents should not force their child to draw unless he really wants to,

But in return they can arouse his interest in the subject and drawing should be a fun activity for children,

and children need space and creative freedom to develop their language.

Finally, they should always be commended for any effort they put in,

which will help them develop their self-confidence and enhance their creative skills.

Stimulate imagination for drawing step by step

Children do not understand words written with specific symbols on paper,

That is why they are fascinated by going through storybooks full of colors and drawings, and when they start drawing,

It helps them stimulate their imagination by drawing the characters and objects of their choice from their surroundings,

and they use their drawings to embody the wonderful stories that are product of their imagination.

Drawing in any way possible

At first, children try to draw in any way they can until they discover their own drawing technique when they discover that their movements are related to the lines they draw on the paper,

For this reason, drawing is a way to help develop fine motor skills, like today’s drawing of it How to draw a spaceship

Because of the moving bones All fingers, make it easier for them to acquire the ability to write later.

How to draw step by step for children

  • way to measure growth

There are stages related to mastery of drawing similar to the stages of a child’s development, and the beginning is usually chaotic,

And the child does not control the movements of his hands and after 18 months,

These movements become more clear, and this situation continues until the third or fourth year, after that, the child begins to implement sketches until The age of six years,

Which is known as the stage of preparing the formal perception (by drawing a circle representing the head and two vertical lines representing the legs).

  • Focus and enhance observation

Drawing stimulates focus and perseverance, as it helps children organize their thoughts and their perception of what is around them,

Because they usually draw what they know, Drawing stimulates the sense of observation, and in the process, the brain works even harder to try to capture reality on a piece of paper,

This exercise encourages the development of visual perception.

Encourage emotional intelligence

Does drawing stimulate emotional intelligence in children, uch as today’s lesson that we talked about above How to draw a spaceship

because through it they learn to identify their feelings and express them on paper using colors, which is what enhances their mental health most, and this activity relaxes children and helps them forget difficult situations that they may face,

because it gives them the opportunity to enjoy their time and when they begin to master the sketches, they mature psychologically, emotionally, and physically, which contributes to the formation of their personality.

Golden tips for the development of sensitive sense
  • Children connect their feelings with their cognitive perception. One of the advantages of drawing is that it gives the child the ability to modify the world around him and his experience by embodying it in an image on paper.
  • Drawing also gives him the opportunity to build and develop his sensitive sense of what is around him, and with every drawing movement, he will be more ready to learn.
  • Unites the family Drawing enhances family ties, being accompanied by parents or siblings is a good way to stimulate affection and communication.
  • Parents should take advantage of every possible opportunity to draw with their children, who will be very happy to participate.



Children seek to be distinguished thanks to their artistic prowess, which makes them feel happy and satisfied,

Moreover, they are very proud of their drawings, so it is important to encourage them and praise their creative work, and parents should show their interest in what their children accomplish because drawing,

Including his drawing today that we talked about above How to draw a spaceship

It is one of the first forms of communication and expression that represents a new language for them, and it is also important to pay attention to the meanings of these drawings in order to understand the child’s thinking.

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