how to draw a mushroom

How to draw a mushroom – Easy things to draw

How to draw a mushroom easy

His drawing today is one of the most prominent and beautiful drawings, It is a very special drawing, What do you know about mushroom? Mushroom, or what is known as mushrooms, are a type of fungus, some of which are edible and others are poisonous. As for the type that can be consumed for human consumption, it belongs to the Agaricus family, What are the most important benefits of mushrooms?

It can be said that mushroom have a great and effective role in preventing prostate and breast cancer because they contain some types of polysaccharides and fibers that have anti-cancer effects, for example linoleic acid, which has a role in controlling estrogen levels in the body, and beta-glucans that have Role in resisting the growth of cancer cells in prostate cancer in particular.

Information of interest to you about the mushroom before we draw it

Mushroom are a rich source of many nutrients necessary for humans They are among the best sources for calcium and vitamin D. They also contain selenium, niacin, potassium, and riboflavin, or what is known as vitamin B2, They are also rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants,But it contains low levels of sodium, in addition to being free of fat, cholesterol, and gluten, and low in calories, hence the importance of these many benefits of mushrooms.

Easy mushroom drawing

Through the following steps, a mushroom will be drawn step by step, and we will deliberately add full details so that the reader can benefit in a strong and interesting way.

Step 1: How to draw a mushroom
how to draw a mushroom
how to draw a mushroom

In this lesson, we will draw a mushroom step by step, drawing a circular line with an open bottom.

Step 2: How to draw a mushroom
how to draw a mushroom
how to draw a mushroom

We draw another circular line above the first, and it is also open in the same direction, This second line is a bit higher than the first.

Step 3: How to draw a mushroom
how to draw a mushroom
how to draw a mushroom

In this third step of drawing the mushroom, we draw the stem of the mushroom that carries it from the bottom, connects it to the ground, and passes its head through the void that we left in the first steps.

Step 4: How to draw a mushroom
how to draw a mushroom
how to draw a mushroom

We draw many straight lines, starting from the center of the mushroom to all sides of the upper part, as you can see in the picture.

Step 5: How to draw a mushroom
how to draw a mushroom
how to draw a mushroom

After we have finished drawing the mushroom step by step, we color it in beautiful and consistent colors as you can see in the picture.

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A simple way to draw a mushroom

It’s like a mushroom in the way its lines naturally create a lot of dimensions, There are radials on the outside, and they instantly make drawing a circle look like a sphere, However, the radials on a mushroom are on the inside, They also give instant dimension, and they work best when they have As accurately as possible, the lightness of the underside of the mushroom makes it a great place for students to try to draw shadows, They just need to determine which direction the light source is coming from, then add a little extra brown on the other side.

Materials used to draw mushroom

  • drawing paper.
  • black mark.
  • coloring pens.
  • The time required is 30 minutes.

Profit from drawing and start with mushroom drawing

How to achieve wealth The Internet is now an effective way to create many job opportunities, all in front of conscious youth who possess many impressive capabilities that have not come to light yet, moreover, these opportunities qualify the talented to stand on solid ground in front of talent, also qualify the talented to Making the best use of it without wasting time or effort. Moreover, in our conversation today, dear reader, we will list for you one of the important topics regarding how to make money from your talent and your own ability.

but we will single out the talent for drawing that many talented people may possess in this field, If you are You have the talent and do not know how to start or make the best use of the talent by working with it via the Internet, all you have to do is follow us only through the following lines.

How to make money drawing step by step?

In the beginning, try to change your way of thinking, If you deal with drawing as a hobby only, you have to start thinking from another angle, As a result, attend educational and cultural seminars to increase your skills and capabilities at first, then create a distinctive brand for you in order to facilitate access to you and be You have a distinctive feature from others.

You can also volunteer at the beginning to draw, whether for people, institutions, or even a friend and family member, and all this in order to announce your work and express yourself, The start will be free, but soon the matter will turn, You can also choose one of the important projects or important personalities and start drawing for it As a form of indirect advertising for your business.

Projects by drawing step by step

  • You can seek to create your own blog on the Internet, in which you will guide about the importance of drawing and arts, as one of the most beautiful drawings is drawing mushroom step by step as well, and how drawing helps to get rid of stress, prove oneself, and express emotion, and make this blog a marketing material for your artwork in an informal way direct.
  • Striving to write articles and e-books on drawing, arts and plastic artists websites, for example , Also, if there is an opportunity for electronic competitions, you can also use it as a kind of publicity for your business, and you will also be a beneficiary by winning, for example, the value of the competition in the event of winning, which is also another way to make money, from Internet


In conclusion, it should be noted that exploiting talent and turning the hobby into a real source of income is the first and ideal way to make money online, and you should strive towards your dream and it will turn into reality.

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