how to draw a flower easy

How to draw a Flower easy – things to draw

How to draw a Flower for kids step by step

kids do not comprehend words written with specific symbols on paper, which is why they are fascinated by going through storybooks full of colors and drawings, it helps them in drawing, it helps in motivating them in drawing, it helps in motivating them in seeing the objects that you choose in their surroundings in the drawings of their drawings To embody fantastic images that are the product of their imagination.

How to draw for kids step by step?

At first, children try to draw in any way they can until they discover their own drawing technique when they discover that their movements are related to the lines they draw on the paper, For this reason, drawing is an aid to the development of fine motor skills, due to the movement of all the bones of the fingers, which makes it easier for them to acquire the ability to write at a later time.

Note 1: Step-by-step drawing develops fine motor skills due to moving all the bones of the fingers, which makes it easier for them to write later.

Let’s go now to learn together how to draw a rose step by step through the lines of the following article..

Step 1: how to draw a Flower.

how to draw a flower easy
how to draw a flower easy

In order to draw a beautiful rose, we divide the drawing into simple steps. In this first step, we trace the head of the rose with lines that show the outer leaves of the rose.

Step 2: how to draw a Flower.

how to draw a flower easy
how to draw a flower easy

After that, we draw a heart in the middle of the upper part of the rose, and we draw another leaf on the backside.

Step 3: how to draw a Flower.

how to draw a flower easy
how to draw a flower easy

In this step, we draw many leaves remaining in the head of the rose. And draw a long leg from the bottom, and draw another paper at the end of the upper part of the leg , and draw two leaves, one in the middle of the leg on the right, and the other in his head


Step 4: how to draw a Flower.

how to draw a flower easy
how to draw a flower easy

We now draw the remaining parts of the rose from beautiful and simple leaves. And now the rose is ready for coloring in case you want to color it.

Step 5: how to draw a Flower.

how to draw a flower easy
how to draw a flower easy

In this last step of drawing an easy rose, we color the rose with consistent and beautiful colors, or you can leave it without coloring.

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Stages related to mastering drawing step by step

  • way to measure growth

There are stages related to drawing mastery similar to the stages of a child’s development. The beginning is usually chaotic, and the child does not control the movements of his hands, and after 18 months, these movements become more clear, and this situation continues until the third or fourth year.

After that, the child begins to implement sketches until the age of six years, which is known as the stage of preparing the formal perception (by drawing a circle representing the head and two vertical lines representing the legs).

  • Focus and enhance observation

Drawing stimulates focus and perseverance, as it helps children organize their thoughts and their perception of what is around them because they usually draw what they know.

  • Drawing stimulates the sense of observation

During this process, the brain works even harder to try to capture reality on a piece of paper. This exercise encourages the development of visual perception and abstract thinking in children.

  • Self-esteem

Children seek to be distinguished thanks to their artistic prowess, which makes them feel happy and satisfied, Furthermore, they take great pride in their drawings, so it is important to encourage and praise them for their creative work.

Parents should show interest in what their children do because drawing is one of the first forms of communication and expression that represents a new language for them, It is also important to pay attention to the meanings of these drawings in order to understand the child’s thinking.

  • Developing sensitivity

Through art, children make connections between their feelings and their perceptions. One of the advantages of drawing is that it gives the child the ability to modify the world around him and modify his experience by embodying it in an image on paper.

Drawing step by step strengthens family bonds

Drawing also gives him the opportunity to build and develop his sensitive sense of what is around him And with every drawing move, he will be more willing to learn.

Step-by-step drawing indirectly enhances! Family bonds, being with parents or siblings is a good way to stimulate affection and communication and parents should take advantage of every possible opportunity to draw with their children who will be very happy with this participation.

Is drawing step by step useful for kids?

There are different types of arts such as acting, singing, and drawing, the practice of which requires the presence of natural talent and its development by study, but what many do not know are the health benefits that accrue to a person from practicing the art of drawing even if he does not have this talent, and for this we learn about the health benefits of drawing from through the following points.

  • Drawing helps to strengthen the sense of creativity and imagination in humans, and artistic skills play an important role in the overall development of the brain.
  • Drawing helps relieve stress and improve a person’s mood.
  • Drawing and writing practice helps to strengthen memory.
  • Drawing helps to express feelings, which helps to overcome shyness and increase self-confidence.
  • Improving communication skills, as art is the only way to express feelings without verbal communication, so one can express their feelings without restrictions or shame.
  • Drawing for kids, helps to increase the movement of the muscles of the hands and fingers.
  • Practicing the art of drawing helps to learn the art of patience to complete the painting with accuracy and color coordination.
  • Drawing enhances positive feelings in a person, so that he feels contentment, greatness, optimism and self-confidence when someone praises his paintings.

Note2 : Drawing teaches expressing feelings on paper using colors, which enhances mental health.

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