how to draw a soccer ball

How to draw a soccer ball easy – things to draw

How to draw a soccer ball step by step

The world we live in at the present time depends on the material aspect (money and matter), and the arts have nothing to do with these aspects, as they work to establish a balance between the inner spiritual manifestations of man with the material aspects of human life.

For example, when a painter paints a painting, he uses his pent-up feelings and tries to communicate them through his drawing to the world, using simple drawing tools that make this painting of material value. Art is always associated with creativity and genius, so the importance of arts lies in human life.

What do you know about soccer ?

Football is a team sport that is played between two teams, each consisting of eleven players. It plays with a ball. Football is played by 250 million players in more than two hundred countries around the world, so it is the most popular and widespread sport in the world. Football is played in a rectangle with two goals on either side, The object of the game is to score goals by kicking the ball into the goal.

As that ,There are 17 original official Laws of the Game, each of which includes conditions and guidelines. These laws are designed to suit all levels of football, but with some modifications to suit certain groups of people such as children, youth, women and people with physical disabilities. These laws are often formulated in general terms , allowing flexibility in its application depending on the nature of the game.

How to draw a soccer ball easy

Through our article today, we will learn how to draw soccer step by step through the following lines,Dear great painter, you have to prepare your tools and get ready to start a new tour and paint a new one today with us

Step 1: how to draw a soccer ball

how to draw a soccer ball
how to draw a soccer ball

In the first step of drawing a beautiful sphere, we draw a large, empty circle on the inside.

Step 2: how to draw a soccer ball

how to draw a soccer ball
how to draw a soccer ball

After we have drawn a simple circle, we use some short lines to draw pentagonal shapes inside the circle as you can see in the picture.


Step 3: how to draw a soccer ball

how to draw a soccer ball
how to draw a soccer ball

In this step, we fill the remaining space inside the circle, and draw pentagonal shapes in it similar to the first shapes.

Step 4: how to draw a soccer ball

how to draw a soccer ball
how to draw a soccer ball

After we filled the inside of the circle with pentagonal shapes, we color some of them and leave some without coloring.

Step 5: how to draw a soccer ball

how to draw a soccer ball
how to draw a soccer ball

In this last step of drawing an easy and simple ball, we color the rest of the pentagonal shapes and leave what should be left uncolored.

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The benefits of drawing step by step
  • Drawing step by step enhances positive feelings in a person, so that he feels contentment, greatness, optimism and self-confidence when someone praises his paintings.
  • Art therapy helps strengthen emotional intelligence.
  • Drawing helps to express feelings, which helps to overcome shyness and increase self-confidence.
  • It helps to improve, strengthen and intensify everyone’s communication skills, as art is the ideal way to express everything, including the most important of which is definitely feelings without verbal communication, so one can express his feelings without restrictions or shame.

The importance of drawing step by step


  • spiritual desires:

The strange thing is that at the present time everyone is running after the material and forgetting the spiritual aspect of his life, so he becomes a person without feelings, and this unfortunately exists at the present time, and desires must be satisfied through fine arts such as listening to music, writing poetry, playing, etc.

any art One of the arts, you find in it the ability to bring out the most beautiful within you in order to satisfy your spiritual needs while taking care of the material side, because every person has a silent pain inside him and he should not stay for long, and art is a means of removing this pain in the form of art.


  • Creative value in human life

Every creativity created by the human hand is called art as long as it achieves an aesthetic value whose basic essence is the human will, for example whoever designs cars and applies them on the ground is art, and the photographer, designer, and creator at work all these things are arts.


  • important expressive tool

Try to find art in your life, because art plays an important role in the field in which you live, and through your imagination you can build the life you want, as imagination and work are the basis of art and life as a whole.

  • An expression of the human condition

The art of drawing is an important expressive tool, and it can be used to express the ideas and thoughts that circulate in the human mind, which makes it have a great impact on everyone who sees it and interacts with it visually.

  • expression of events

The art of drawing may sometimes be a very important expression of some of those events that occurred in the time period in which the painter lived, By drawing, it is possible to show cases of victory, bloodshed, persistence, failure, abandonment, and other human historical cases.

  • The embodiment of beauty

The art of drawing is that art concerned with the embodiment of beauty, as the art of drawing is considered one of the best of those arts that can express beauty, in an attractive and beautiful way.

soccer playing areas

  • In 1898, the corner area was defined by a semi-circle with a diameter of one meter
  • In 1903 it defined the goal area, the penalty area and the penalty spot
  • In 1937 an arc was decided outside the penalty area
  • In 1970, the penalty kick arc was set as a warning for defenders not getting close while the opponent was taking a penalty kick.
  • In 1875 it was allowed to score goals from a corner kick
  • In 1830, it became forbidden for the goalkeeper to touch the ball outside the operations box, even if it was by mistake, and he was punished with a red card directly.

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