how to draw a Tree

How to draw a Tree easy – easy things to draw

How to draw a Tree step by step

Dear great painter, our article today is about drawing it very beautifully, as we will talk about how to draw a tree step by step through the following article lines.

You can take into account in your data bank that trees are one of the forms of plant life, and they generally grow on land and need varying amounts of water, Trees are generally distinguished from other plants by the presence of roots, stems and branches, and their relative large size compared to other plants, Such as grass and algae, and trees are of various sizes, including large and small ones.

Finally, without going into other details, it can be said that there is a high economic role of trees, where wood is considered one of the most important products of forest trees and shrubs.

How to draw a Tree easy?

Now let’s learn how to draw a tree step by step through one of the most beautiful and easiest ways for children. Drawing a tree step by step is something that you, the painter, have to master and be patient until you finish it. Bring your tools now and let’s go.

Step 1: how to draw a Tree

how to draw a Tree
how to draw a Tree

In the first step of drawing an easy tree, we draw the trunk of the tree with two non-straight lines, and at the end we draw short walls in the form of small legs.

Step 2: how to draw a Tree

how to draw a Tree
how to draw a Tree

After that, we draw branching branches in the head of the stump that we drew, so that we draw 4 branches, and each branch is then divided into 2 or 3 small branches.

Step 3: how to draw a Tree

how to draw a Tree
how to draw a Tree

In this step, we add what is left of the tree, drawing the leaves of the tree in the form of a wavy circle surrounding all the branches that we drew before.

Step 4: how to draw a Tree

how to draw a Tree
how to draw a Tree

The shape of the tree has become clear, now we color it only, color the trunk and the branches with brown color, and color what is left in the upper part with green color.

Step 5: how to draw a Tree

how to draw a Tree
how to draw a Tree

Finally, we finished an easy step-by-step drawing of a tree lesson, you can leave it like this or you can complete the drawing as I did, we draw the apple fruit in the green upper part of the tree, we also draw some apples falling on the ground. And then we color the fruit red.

For more drawing videos, you can visit my youtube channel: Easy Drawings.


How to draw step by step?

Painting is the art of splashing colors with the help of brushes in a certain way to create art. Painting can be done on almost any surface and it can be digital (on computers) or manually using paints and brushes. There are different types of painting materials such as sand, paper, clay and many more. Drawing is about Creativity, so artists don’t limit themselves to only limited materials and textures, it’s an ever-growing process.

While some types of painting, such as graffiti and tempera, are not practiced as frequently, others are seeing a resurgence, for example, a renewed interest in lettering and sign painting has made enamel painting more fashionable than ever.


How to learn drawing step by step for the first time?

When a person learns to draw for the first time, it is like the person who learns to write for the first time. Easy drawing instruction for adult beginners is as follows:

  • At first, drawing a circle, cube, square and other simple shapes is taught quickly.
  • After that, the details of the drawing are entered and the circle itself is redrawn, but with high accuracy and more focus.
  • Compare a circle that was drawn quickly with a circle that was drawn carefully and you will feel the difference.
  • Take your time while drawing, even if it takes a long time. Because drawing needs focus and steadfastness, and urgency does not work with it.
  • Start learning graphics from easy to difficult, from the least detailed drawings to the most detailed drawings.
Teaching drawing skills step by step for kids
1- Perception of edges

The edges are the outer frame through which the shapes that are drawn, whether they are two-dimensional or three-dimensional, are defined. Edges are drawn from any point in the drawing, and the general shape of the painting is determined, and accordingly the edges are determined.

2- Awareness of size

The volume is that space that the body occupies in space, so that the axes are drawn, the volume must be in the middle of the axes that we referred to.

3- Understanding relationships

Some shapes are drawn next to each other, these shapes are seen as a single pattern or group of patterns interacting with each other.

4- Distinguishing light and shadows

Light and shadow help in understanding the drawing better, often the degree of light or shadow begins to gradually recede, so the painter must learn to draw in varying degrees of shadows.

Steps to successful drawing step by step

If you are worried, stop it because you can learn to draw easily and quickly, even if it is a talent for some, a little practice can solve the problem, and failed attempts are your way towards what you want.

  • A little continuous rather than a lot of discontinuous

Putting pressure on yourself in drawing and trying to paint a large painting once, what you will get is fatigue and exhaustion, so that your hand will refuse to draw again as a result of exhaustion, and at the same time you will not get the painting you want, especially if it is your first painting, which will cause frustration.

  • Understanding drawing, not just drawing

We all draw paintings by transferring them either from our imagination or from the ground or from another painting, but the goal is not to transfer only and get a mirror image, as if you were learning how to copy and not how to learn drawing quickly.

  • Focus on learning how to shade

In most types of painting, from abstract to engineering drawing, the shadow is considered the soul of the painting, which conveys it from mere two-dimensional lines that may be incomprehensible to a realistic drawing more like the truth. On the other hand, many of the world famous paintings depend on shading in their presentation, especially showing facial features.

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