How to draw a book

How to draw a book step by step for beginners

How to draw a Book for beginners?

The book and its compilation Books are containers of non-periodical information that, by the nature of their contents and organization, are designed to be read from beginning to end in logical sequence, and each has a specific title, even if it was issued collected under a series.

It was said that they are tools that record, analyze, summarize, discuss and clarify interpreted and unexplained information that may be bound or in the form of wrapped and unwrapped paper packages that contain a direct introduction, a table of contents and an index for the purpose of enlightening, understanding, enriching, enhancing and educating the human mind through the visual sensory nerve, sometimes through touch and sometimes through hearing.

It can be said that the book is the best companion in life. During the following article, we will learn how to draw a book step by step in detail :

step 1: How to draw a book

How to draw a book
How to draw a book

Draw almost 3 straight lines.

step 2: How to draw a book

How to draw a book
How to draw a book

We connect the three lines that we drew with other slightly wavy lines, and thus we have drawn two papers adjacent to each other from the middle.

step 3: How to draw a book

How to draw a book
How to draw a book

We draw other lines below what we drew before, while we form two oblique rectangles on the lower side of what we drew in this book.

step 4: How to draw a book

How to draw a book
How to draw a book

We draw another rectangle from the right side of this book, and thus we have drawn the many pages that are in this book.

step 5: How to draw a book

How to draw a book
How to draw a book

In this step, we draw the outer cover of the book, so that its length and width are greater than the other sheets in the book.

step 6: How to draw a book

How to draw a book
How to draw a book

Finally, we were able to draw an easy book, and in this last step, we write many lines on the two pages in the middle of the book, as you can see in the picture.

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Types of drawing step by step for beginners

Cartoons differ in their appearances, objectives, and types,In this scope, drawing can be divided into three types:

  • Simple graphics (wheels):

They are notes recorded of a particular thing or situation of significance at a particular moment.

  • Preparatory fees:

They are preliminary drawings for another method of preparation, such as photography and sculpture.

  • Integrated fees:

It is taken as a finished, independent, stand-alone artwork

What do you know about the types of books?

Books are types, including reference books, which are sources that include a set of specific information in an organized and easy way that provides access to it in a short time, or sources dedicated to expanding a subject and addressing it from various aspects, and reference books in general are those that can be referred to to obtain information and they are types:

  • Encyclopedia:

It is a source that includes summaries on specific topics, and it is either general that summarizes information on many topics, such as the Encyclopedia of the Encyclopedia of the Twentieth Century, or specific to a specific topic, such as the Guinness Book of Records, for example.


  • dictionary or thesaurus:

It is the book that includes definitions and explanations of linguistic vocabulary arranged in a specific way, either in the language of the vocabulary itself or in another language.

  • Biographies:

They are books that provide a true account of the life of a person or a group of people. It can be an autobiography, meaning that the writer tells about himself, or a heterobiography, where the writer tells about the life of others.

  • Evidence:

These are books that are mainly intended for reference when needing specific information, such as tourist guides or telephone numbers guides.

They said about the book

The book is the companion who does not flatter you, the friend who does not discourage you, the companion who does not possess you, the supplicant who does not harm you, the neighbor who does not slow you down, the friend who does not want to extract what you have with flattery, does not treat you with cunning, and does not deceive you with hypocrisy.

Reading for beginners

  • Brain stimulation

It was found that reading affects brain health, and that it reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia with age, as reading helps activate the brain and maintain its work and involvement in many processes, which prevents its loss of energy and laziness.

The brain works like any muscle in the human body, that is, it needs exercise to maintain its health and safety, and therefore it is important to activate it to avoid various diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

  • Relieve stress

During our daily lives, a person is exposed to a lot of stress, whether because of work, relationships, or many other reasons, and this in turn affects the health of the person as a whole, but it was found that reading has an effect in relieving stress and getting rid of it, as stories and novels may take a person to another world and link him to events The story distracts him from the cause of his stress.

  • knowledge increase

Every information that is read is saved in the brain, and this information the reader may need one day! Reading also works mainly to increase knowledge and information, which equips the person with the necessary knowledge.

The most important principles of step-by-step drawing for beginners

Start by drawing the external structure of the shape to be drawn, and pay attention to the distances between the shapes, If the drawing contains more than one shape, the closer the shape is, the larger its size and darker its color, and vice versa, Pay attention also to the factors of shadow and light, and also to how to mix colors properly.

The greatest works of painting in the world were carried out at a small cost of ink and paper, The artist in this type of art cares first about his concept of the subject and his skill in dealing with visual elements such as lines, harmony of shadow and light texture .

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