how to draw a cupcake

How to draw a cupcake step by step

How to draw a cupcake easy?

A cupcake, cupcake or muffin is a small cake designed to be served to one person, usually packaged in small foil bags or aluminum cups. As with cakes, frosting and other decorations, such as sprinkles, are common on cakes.

What are the components cupcake ?

Although its origin is unknown, recipes for cakes have been printed at least since the late twelfth century, They are often prepared at children’s feasts after they are decorated with different shapes and colors.

The cupcake is prepared from flour, sugar, eggs, milk, baking powder, butter, vanilla and salt, In the case of decorating with cream, it is prepared from butter, sugar, vanilla and corn starch. This cake contains a high amount of calories, as it contains a high amount of fat, especially due to the use of butter.

And now, through the following article, we will learn how to draw a cupcake easily through the following and very important steps :

Step 1: how to draw a cupcake

how to draw a cupcake
how to draw a cupcake

In order to draw an easy cupcake, we start with the things on the bottom, so in this step we will draw the outer cover of the cupcake.

Step 2: how to draw a cupcake

how to draw a cupcake
how to draw a cupcake

We draw a circular line above the outer cover that we drew before and connect it with two small lines on both sides.

Step 3: how to draw a cupcake

how to draw a cupcake
how to draw a cupcake

We draw other semi-circular lines, some on top of each other, as you can see in the picture.

Step 4: how to draw a cupcake

how to draw a cupcake
how to draw a cupcake

We close the shape from the top with a simple apple, which we draw in the top of the cupcake and pass to the next step.

Step 5: how to draw a cupcake

how to draw a cupcake
how to draw a cupcake

In this step, we add vertical lines in the cover that we drew in the first step, and we also draw small circles and short lines in the upper part of the cupcake,

Step 6: how to draw a cupcake

how to draw a cupcake
how to draw a cupcake

Finally ow the drawing is complete and clear. We paint the drawing in beautiful and consistent colors.

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How to prepare cupcakes in an easy way
  • Imagine each of : flour, baking powder and salt on a piece of paper, and set aside .
  • Put each of : Sugar, butter and vanilla in the mixer bowl, and whisk them at a slow speed to mix the ingredients together, then add one egg to the mixture and whisk it well.
  • Add the second egg with the vanilla, and run it for a minute on medium speed.
  • Add the sifted flour mixture to the mixture, and whisk for a minute on medium speed.
  • Bring the cupcake molds and distribute the cake mixture in them evenly Insert the cake mold into the oven at 180 degrees Celsius, for twenty to twenty-two minutes, or until the cake is completely cooked.
  • Take it out of the oven and leave it aside until it cools completely, then spread a little cream on it.


How to draw step by step

Drawing is one of the most beautiful ways of self-expression, as well as venting and creativity It is used in many cases as an aid to treat depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses Drawing periodically helps to relax, focus and increase the ability to be creative and to think outside the box in an innovative way, especially among children Painting is an indicator of the nation’s progress, creativity, and immortalization of its events, thought, culture, and time periods .

Drawing step by step (drawing talent)

It sticks in the minds of many that drawing requires a person to be talented from the beginning, and this is a completely incorrect belief, and until you understand this idea, you can look at drawing as similar to software engineering, medicine, pharmacy, history, or other things. You do not expect a doctor, for example, to be gifted in medicine. Before going to university and studying medicine! Likewise, a software engineer and other disciplines. What is required to learn any new knowledge is the presence of desire first – you cannot reach mastery if you are forced to learn it – and the second thing that is required to create new knowledge is training, repetition and repetition, and remember here anyone you know who you think has the talent for drawing, you will find He has been drawing a lot since childhood.


How can learn drawing step by step?

Drawing is one way of expressing oneself creatively using paper and pen. Drawing addresses many of the psychological problems that a person goes through.

Such as: stress, depression, anxiety, etc., in addition to helping to relax and increase creativity.

Some people have an innate skill in drawing, this type of people only needs to develop this skill, while the other type needs to learn drawing from A to Z, and this type needs more patience and perseverance and not giving up until he learns drawing well until he masters it.

Learn to draw for beginners
  • Teaching drawing For beginners, it is one of the most beautiful ways that help them express themselves, ventilate, and also show the creativity of the personality, and in many cases it is used as an aid to treat depression and anxiety, and the practice of drawing regularly and continuously is a kind of psychological comfort and increasing creativity and thinking in innovative ways, especially for children.
  • You can rely on geometric shapes such as a circle, square, rectangle, triangle and other shapes, as they help you draw exact lines to draw a specific object easily You can draw a circle, for example, in a certain way and repeat it several times, and each time you will find more improvement than the previous time.


Tools used for drawing step by step
  • A group of pencils that vary in color between dark and light. And the best types of pens used in drawing in addition to pure graphite pens, and these pens consist of one hundred percent of carbon, that is, without wood, and they are known as charcoal pencils.
  • Shading distribution tools or pencil drawing brushes, there is more than one thing that can be used as a tool for distributing shadows, such as cotton swabs, a piece of cloth, or paper napkins, but there is a professional tool in specialized libraries.
  • Drawing papers, you can use any type of paper such as those used in printers or any white paper that is not lined, but it is preferable to use “sketch” notebooks, especially of high quality and well-known brands, because they are professionally and thoughtfully manufactured to help you draw.


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