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How to draw Earth step by step

In this drawing lesson, you will learn How to draw Earth step by step.

This simple instruction will consist of six steps.

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In today’s lesson, we will talk about how to draw the earth.

Through the following steps, follow us and we wish you an enjoyable reading,

When dealing with a child, it should always be remembered that despite his young age, he possesses talent and creativity like adults, and perhaps more,

The process of discovering a child’s talent must begin at an early age and work on refining and developing it.

One of the most discovered talents in a child is drawing, such as today’s lesson on how to draw the earth.

As soon as the child obtains a pen, he begins to draw and scribble on all surfaces, so the parents give him the pen and paper to draw on,

How to draw Earth step by step for beginners


  • Step 1

We draw a circle first as it is drawn now.

earth drawing
earth drawing
  • Step 2

In the second step, we draw part of the features of the world map on the surface of the earth, as shown in front of you.

earth drawing
earth drawing
  • Step 3

Now we complete what we started from drawing in the previous step.

earth drawing
earth drawing
  • Step 4

We also complete drawing the features of the land from the maps.

earth drawing
earth drawing
  • Step 5

Now it can be said, as shown before you, that we have finished the first stage of drawing only, and what remains is the last and next stage now.

earth drawing
earth drawing
  • Step 6

Now we are going to color because the Earth is one of the most beautiful planets.

Come on, color with us.

earth drawing
earth drawing

Features of drawing step by step

  • Drawing strengthens bonding

It helps us to speak a different language, as the drawing helps the child to communicate his thinking to adults through the drawings he draws spontaneously.

  • Drawing helps strengthen personality

Parents or teachers at school often notice a psychological problem in the child through his drawings,

and this problem, if any, appears when these drawings are shown to the psychiatrist.

  • Self-esteem

Working in a comfortable and non-competitive atmosphere makes the child show his best and this enhances his self-esteem.

How to teach drawing to children

  • Creativity in drawing methods

The child always likes to experiment with different interesting methods and methods

and to allow the child to draw with unconventional brushes such as feathers, sticks, sponges, and other strange tools.

  • Choose the subject of the drawing

Given the topic, the child can confine his thinking to something, which gives better results.

Gradual age in learning to draw and acquiring skills

As we mentioned, the art of drawing and mastering its skills takes a long time,

and the development of this talent is a cumulative result of the gradual learning and mastery of this skill,

through today’s lesson how to draw earth.

At each age stage, the focus must be placed on acquiring and developing a specific skill,

and development can be divided into drawing talent and the skill that

It must be acquired according to the age group as follows:

  • From 15 months to 5 years old

Making drawing a part of the child’s daily routine, giving him his own area for drawing and equipping it with what helps him and enables him to draw easily,

and providing the necessary tools and pens. At about two years old, the child has more control over the drawing tools so that his lines and drawings are more compact.

The child in this period does not need to hear the instructions And advice,

his development and skills increase with every line and scribble he writes,

  • From 5 years old to 8 years old

A child at this age can start drawing by watching and not by using his imagination only,

as he can represent the scenes that appear in front of him and transfer them to paper,

You can focus on using one medium in the drawing; Such as using a pencil only,

using it for shading and drawing lines, or using watercolors for drawing.

  • From 9 years old to 11 years old

Developing his drawing to give the third and spatial dimension to the drawings,

paying attention to the fine details, Practicing anatomical drawing,

which is one of the most difficult skills that a child should learn at this age,

and showing accurate details and correct anatomical proportions in drawing faces.


Teaching children to draw is one of the important things that help in raising the child,

developing his awareness, nurturing him emotionally, and developing the child’s sensitivity to improve his response to the aesthetic stimuli in the surrounding environment.

And their emotions, especially children who suffer from language problems,

drawing helps them accurately express their inner feelings,

and we hope through today’s article that we have been able to benefit you, and see you in another new lesson.

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